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I have been receiving child support since April of 2011 but our court order doesnt recognize our daughters disability: We both had lawyers and neither one included that our daughter has spina bifida how do I add that into our order

Asked almost 2 years ago in Child Support

Marilee’s answer: You may qualify for what is known as "above-guideline child support." This can be allotted to you if the child has special needs that show expenses above the normal child, or normal guidelines. Because your order is from 4 years ago, you would qualify for a review to modify the current order. It would be wise to have documentation proving what her additional expenses are, due to her disability. I would be glad to help you with this, as I practice in your area.

Answered almost 2 years ago.

Do I need a Probate / Will Attorney, or Civil Attorney, to file a "Notice of Proposed Action Objection" regarding Probated Will.: In the County Court at Law of Washington County, Texas, In accordance with Texas law governing distribution of the estate of an intestate Decedent, my mother was appointed " Administrator of Estate" valued at $450,000.00, 50% estate value to mother, 25% estate value entitled to both living siblings, as agreed, signed, notarized, probated by all 3 parties dated 08/2003. In July 2014, my mother filed a "General Warranty Gift Deed" giving my sibling (brother) complete title of her / Our real estate property. The "Estate" has documented value of $450,000.00, I have 2 files with THHS Brenham, 2 Files with Brenham Police Dept., for "Theft by Manipulation" and "Stock Holme Syndrome". I NEED YOUR HELP!!!... I have complete bank statements, emails, every record needed for proof, Help Me Help You!.

Asked almost 2 years ago in Probate

Marilee’s answer: Contested probate proceedings can be very complicated - and often, courts/judges are unsure on the law in this area because contested estate actions are really not that common. You cannot go into this battle unarmed. You need to sit down with a competent litigator, who is familiar with probate and estate law to ensure your better chances of getting the relief you seek.

Answered almost 2 years ago.

I purchased a used vehicle with an additional 2 year warranty. I took it in to have it repaired for a minor mechanical issue.: I was told that the warranty I purchased didn't cover that minor repair and the dealership wants to buy back my warranty and demolish it. Because my car is too high maintenance for them to deal with. What should I, What can I do?

Asked almost 2 years ago in Lemon Law

Marilee’s answer: If you had a problem that occurred early on, and repair attempts aren't working, then you may qualify for relief under what is known as Lemon Law. It sounds like the dealership does not know what else to do to fix it, which sounds like it is a lemon. If the problem started under 12,000 miles or the first year, you qualify. Lemon Law relief can get your vehicle replaced or refunded and your out of pocket expenses reimbursed. You can look at the Texas DPS website for more information, then possibly call a lemon law attorney.
If it is outside this time frame, it may just be a warranty and contractual issue that requires litigation for enforcement.

Answered almost 2 years ago.