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Default judgment: If the judge set oral hearing and the respondent doesn't show can I get a default judgment? Respondent wasn't at our entry hearing either, which is I'm assuming why the judge set a date for a oral hearing. How do I find out if the respondent received notice or not?

Asked 11 months ago in Litigation

Daniel’s answer: I think Avvo is great to help point potential adversaries or parties to litigation in the right direction, and it can also be useful when an attorney's general answer can help a person over that last hurdle. Beyond that, unfortunately, a questioner may start to move in the direction of seeking step-by-step legal advice, which is prohibitive for many reasons even if not strictly enforced by Avvo. I've seen questioners get confused because they misinterpreted general answers that didn't apply to their specific sitiation. Courts also have different "local" rules. In your situation, you would be better served consulting an attorney to assist you. There are many fine attorneys here on Avvo. Good luck!

Answered 11 months ago.

So here it is: Is there any lawyer that has dealt with a 28 year old Child support case that the child was adopted?: Background:
Child was adopted at 6 years old to grandparents.
Parental rights where terminated and states they could not locate me.
State of VA continued to collect child support and send to mother after adoption until she was 18.
I have adoption paperwork and Birth Certificate and I can not believe this is right nor legal.
I tried to go see her and was turned away several times.
Now I understand why.

Asked about 2 years ago in Adoption

Daniel’s answer: Sounds like you need to consult with an attorney licensed in VA since your issue is with actions taken or otherwise approved by the state of VA.

Answered about 2 years ago.

Recently married, can I put my husband name on the birth certificate if no father named on it?: My husbands wants my first born to have his last name. My son has my maiden name with no father named on the birth certificate. The biological father never proved paternity nor pays any child support.

Asked about 2 years ago in Family

Daniel’s answer: Talk to an attorney about whether Texas Family Code section 160.204 apples (defines a "presumed father") and how that may or may not be relevant to your situation.

Answered about 2 years ago.