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Can someone travel internationally after being jailed for 2 days, 28 years ago?: I am trying to get one of my best friend to go on a cruise to Mexico. He confided to me that he was arrested 28 years ago for indecent exposure. Basically he had exposed himself and some lady took a photo of him. He got arrested (Houston, Texas) and was bailed out from jail some 28 years ago. The court made him fingerprint. Now he is 68 years old !
He is still afraid he cannot travel anywhere because of border patrol or customs taking fingerprints when traveling international. He is too afraid about this after 28 years.
He has never had any other incidents after that.

Does this make him a criminal and cannot travel internationally ?

Asked 10 months ago in International Law

Dustan’s answer: It won't be a problem. US citizens do not need a visa and do not fingerprint when entering Mexico. I've been on more cruises to Mexico than I can remember and I've never gone through customs in Mexico.

Answered 10 months ago.

How do I contact someone about my reduced felony : I had an indictment for a felony offense. I pleaded guilty and was served deferred adjudication. I also completed my two years of probation. I was told that it would be reduced and have paper work saying it would. But how do I know. When I look up my case it says indictment for felony.

Asked 10 months ago in Criminal Defense

Dustan’s answer: You can contact an attorney to verify with the clerks office that the judgment shows a reduction. Also, it it was reduced to a misdemeanor and you completed the deferred 2 years ago, then you are likely eligible to file a petition for non-disclosure to seal the file.

Answered 10 months ago.

What needs to show in security footage to prove I did anything?:
Ex is accusing me of vandalism and says the neighbor caught everything on video. I've never gotten into any trouble before with the law except a speeding ticket! He said he filed a police report two days ago but no one has called me. What needs to shown in video to prove I did anything?

Asked about 1 year ago in Criminal Defense

Dustan’s answer: First, do not talk to the police if you are contacted. Second, mere presence may not be enough to convict you unless an overt act (seen causing the damage) is seen, but may be considered circumstancial evidence to allow a prosecutor to go forward and attempt to convince a jury of guilt. Bottom line; get a lawyer on retainer to guide you though any potential accusations.

Answered about 1 year ago.