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Who do you write to when you want to sue Harris County Jail.: I was in jail last week and I was not property treated like a person, who do I write or contact when you want to file a suit against Harris County Jail or the Sheriff department.

Asked 13 days ago in Civil Rights

Tristan’s answer: You can find information on making a complaint here:

Or if you believe you have been injured becaue of some action or inaction by the hcso, you would want to talk with a civil plaintiffs attorney.

Unless you were assaulted or have some physical injury or ailment as a result of the mistreatment, it really would not be worth your time. Sorry to put that indelicately, but its the truth. Good luck.

Answered 13 days ago.

Can I be prosecuted for this?: I'm 17 and my sisters friend is 13. We were messaging each other about sex, and she told me she wanted to have sex with me. All I replied was "lol aight". She also said that talking to me made her wet, to which I replied "good to know lol". A couple days later, I was sitting in my room playing video games when she and my sister come in to watch. My dog was laying next to me, and my sisters friend was petting on our dog until she slowly made her way into my pants. I tried several times to get her to quit, but she refused. She eventually grabbed my hand and put it down her pants and made me finger her vagina/anus. After that I was getting ready to leave for work when she stood in front of my doorway and would not let me leave until I fingered her again. Faced with no other choice, I did, but against my will. She messaged after that saying she had a fun time to which I replied simply "lol aight" to avoid further conversation on the subject . She also sat on my chest and tried to unzip my pants multiple times

Asked 23 days ago in Criminal Defense


You may be prosecuted, you need to sit down in the privacy of an attorneys office and tell the whole story. Anything you tell them would be privileged, unless you tell them you plan leaving their office and hurting youraelf or someone else. Good luck!

Answered 17 days ago.

How do I get a pro bono criminal defense attorney to represent me??: My court appointed attorney is against me an I can't afford another attorney

Asked 19 days ago in Criminal Defense

Tristan’s answer: You have a cobstitutional right to legal counsel if you cannot afford it, BUT you do. It have the right to counsel of your choice. It is unlikely the judge would agree to let you switch appointed attorneys, so you need o hire your own, I would not hold my breath about finding private legal counsel to work on your case for free. It does happen, I am just saying that it is uncommon. Your best bet is to work with your appointed attorney as best as you can, and try to find an attorney that will work with you on payments.

Answered 19 days ago.