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What type of Lawyer should I contact.: I recently had a spine procedure. When I woke up from anesthesia I had several Doctors surrounding me telling me That I had been badly burned and that medics were on the way to get me because I had also had a seizure and stopped breathing for a period of time. I had my husband call their surgery center when I got to the hospital and they said they think the grounding pad had malfunctioned and burned me. I was sent to a burn unit where I was told I had very deep third degree burns on my back that required surgery. I had the surgery and then went back to the pain managment dr I had seen for the previous procedure and he apologized profusely and told me that he would figure out what happened to the pad. (Whether it was improperly placed or if there really had been a malfunction) He said he pulled all of the grounding pads and has stopped using them until everything is figured out. I'm just wondering what type of lawyer I should be contacting or if I even have a viable case.

Asked 7 months ago in Medical Malpractice

Herrick’s answer: I agree. A lawyer who does medical malpractice is whom you should contact.

Answered 7 months ago.

Was given wrong test results, is the medical provider at fault? Caused a lot of damage within our family.: Is a medical provider responsible for a wrongful diagnosis?

Asked over 1 year ago in Medical Malpractice

Herrick’s answer: This would depend on a few circumstances - was the provider working at a government entity (state owned hospital, etc.) and was the damage more than just emotional (e.g., did you have a surgery that was not necessary or not have a procedure based on the misinformation?

Answered over 1 year ago.

What type of lawyer does my son need, back in march he hit a guy on a bike and is getting sued?: My son was leaving work and turned the corner, sun was in his eyes and he couldn't see, he was doing less then 10mph, and hit the guy on the bike. The bike was fine exept for a scratch on the handlebar, he refused medical service and my son got the ticket. They both left, him riding off on the bike and my son in his car. Today he got served the man is suing him for serious physical injury. Yet he refused an ambulance and rode on to work. Our insurance company is suppose to be taking care of this. They also told us that he is refusing the amount offered. He is trying to get $100,000 out of my 19 yr old son. So I need to know what type of lawyer to call up.

Asked over 1 year ago in Personal Injury

Herrick’s answer: If he was driving a car, you need to have him notify his auto insurance carrier as soon as possible. If he had insurance at the time, then the insurance will provide a lawyer.

Answered over 1 year ago.