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What steps should I take if my 11 year old is being wrongfully accused.: My sons being accused of holding a 9 year old while a 12 year old girl put her mouth on the 9 year old. At first the 9 year old stated it wasn't my son that it was another boy and that 12 year old girl. The next day the boy switched the story when his mother found out. And now blames my son. The sheriff took statements from mostly all 10 of them surrounding that 9 year old boy and threatening my son and I in front of the sheriff and nothing was done about it. My sons school apparently knew about the situation and had all the kids write statements without EVER NOTIFYING EITHER PARENT. what do I do? My son and I are terrified! And I don't know how to legally protect him.

Asked 8 months ago in Sex Crime

Paul’s answer: There is only one step: Hire a lawyer to represent your son. Lawyers are trained and licensed to protect your son. If your son were seriously ill, you would take him to a licensed medical doctor. Your son faces the legal equivalent of a serious illness, and he needs a licensed Juris Doctor -- stat.

Answered 8 months ago.

Do I need to meet with the DA : I though I was talking and texting a 19 year old. We stopped several months ago and now her parents went to the police because she is only 16. Should I speak with the DA or not.

Asked 9 months ago in Sex Crime

Paul’s answer: Absolutely, positively not. The next - and only - person you speak to about this should be your attorney (or an attorney you are considering hiring).

Answered 9 months ago.

How can they drop my charges???: Story short.
We were pulled over the 800 block after being followed from the 100 block, the officer told my friend she didn't stop at a stop sign (which she did) & speeding but she slowed down immediately after realizing she was. He asked to search the car she refused then consented when he called for additional pick when searched they found drugs in her purse. I took the gall for her drugs even tho they weren't really mine, now she wants to come clean & take the chargers, how can she do that? Is this possible?

Asked 10 months ago in Criminal Defense

Paul’s answer: Bottom line, pure and simple: Hire a lawyer.

Answered 10 months ago.