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What do I need to do : I have a Debt collector calling and leaving voice mails they asked for my debt card number witch I did not supply asked them to call me back on Monday they did was not able to talk to them, to day they had a "fraud" investigator call me and tell me I had to the end of the business day to call them or they would file in the county that I live and that the phone call was my notice what should I do I have now fixed it where their calls go to voice mail the debt is from a pay day lone in 2014 that did not get repaid in full I live in TX and the collection company is in NY State

Asked about 1 year ago in Debt Collection

John’s answer: This sounds like a common scam. Most of the time someone gets your information from a payday loan (either physical location or online), and uses that information to essentially extort you into paying. The title of "fraud investigator" is typically used and they threaten criminal action. Though it is true that a party can file a request with the County Attorney or District Attorney (whatever title in your jurisdiction) to prosecute a bad check, no private party can pursue a criminal action, only the government can pursue a criminal charge. I would recommend you contact your state's attorney general's office-consumer protection bureau as that is part of their job-to protect the public from scams like this.

Answered about 1 year ago.

How can we get the video taken down? Can we sue the website for posting this video and not taking this video down when asked? : I found a video of my girlfriend on a pornographic website. She was 14 at the time of the act and did not know that she was being filmed by her partner. The title of the video says that she is 21 in the video, which is impossible because she is currently 20. I have requested twice now that the video be taken down but they have still not taken the video down. What legal ramifications will there be for the website in question?

Asked about 1 year ago in Privacy

John’s answer: You should most definitely contact the local police, who can direct you to the appropriate authorities to report the criminal nature of the film (i.e. pornographic material of a minor). You could also file a civil action and request an injunction to cease the broadcasting/displaying of the video on the website. Your best bet would be to immediately contact an attorney well versed in these matters.

Answered about 1 year ago.

Effects of a higher paying job after filing bankruptcy: I'm a top candidate for a new job. The problem? I just filed for bankruptcy and the new job is a higher pay. I figured out from what my bi-weekly pay is now and what it would be should I be offered and accept the position is a difference of $54.75. I'm worried about what this would mean for the bankruptcy (I realize I should ask my lawyer but in all honesty I can barely stand to talk to him since he insists on treating me like an imbecile).

Asked about 1 year ago in Bankruptcy

John’s answer: If you filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, then a pay increase really doesn't bear any effect on your prior filing because your income is determined as of the date of filing, and not after. If you filed for Chapter 13, then there may be an issue since your disposable income is part of the bankruptcy estate in a Chapter 13, which means that an increase in income, if increasing disposable income, would necessarily increase the amount you are to pay unsecured creditors. In addition, the means test has been determined by the Supreme Court to be continuing rather than a "one-time look," meaning an increase, or decrease in post-petition income can have an effect on the means test calculation.

At the end of the day, you need to ask your attorney.

Answered about 1 year ago.