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Im in ks i had emts seize drugs from my app during visit for my drug od. Can emt give my drugs to cops when i was incapacitated : I am being charged for possesion of drugs i didnt have due to false positive on cop field drug test- emts tricked me into giving them my pain meds- they might be illegal they are research drugs but cops are saying they are heroin and cocaine and i kno they arent can i have the evidence the emts took and gave to police thrown out? I was intoxicated when emt revived me and forced me to hospital due to od- they thought i tried to kill myself but i didnt i was never arrested police tried to confess to possessing something i didnt- im going to plea not guilty because i didnt commit these crimes i have cronic pain but no money or insurance to get legal rx thats why i was using designer drug but definately not heroin or cocain i have no money for those expensive drugs and i wouldnt use coke because my heart is already bad i kno police drug field test show over 50% false positives- how to fight this? I am not guility and my career is over if i get this on my record i am a nurse

Asked 11 months ago in Criminal Defense

J.’s answer: I agree with the other attorneys, this will be a very fact specific situation, and you don't want to be putting your version of those facts online at this point.

It is possible that the evidence could be "suppressed", if the property was seized without probable cause, but that will also depend on the facts surrounding your emergency visit.

Answered 11 months ago.

Attention all attorneys please help me with this? Kansas: I hired a child custody attorney and recently discovered that he is petitioning to be a Kansas district court judge...If he gets called to the bench to be a judge does this mean he just drops all of his clients and were left without an attorney in the middle of a case? Please help I'm really worried and hes too busy to answer this question

Asked 12 months ago in Child Custody

J.’s answer: If he is filing a petition in a primary, it had to be filed by June 1. So you can check with the county clerk to see if it was actually filed. If he wins election, he will not take office until January. Until then, he will likely try to refer his cases to other attorneys he knows and trusts. If this makes you uncomfortable, ask him what his plan is for your case if he wins. If he doesn't have a plan, then maybe you look for a new attorney now.

Answered 12 months ago.

Can I be issued a citation for "boating under the influence" if I am boating on PRIVATE property rather than on public waterways: I was recently fishing on a river in Kansas and had drank a few beers, upon returning to shore I was approached by law enforcement and subsequently given a BUI. I didn't think they had jurisdiction on private property, like they do on public waters.

Asked 12 months ago in DUI & DWI

J.’s answer: Yes "in this state" includes everywhere. Even a pond in your backyard.

Answered 12 months ago.