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What is the statute of limitations for reopening a divorce case in Missouri? He did not give me half all our investments. : He worked for Edward Jones and I believe he did not give me half our investments. He told my sons he still owns Amazon stock we purchased when we were still married. It's been almost 5 years since divorce final. I deserve that money and he should be penalized! Married 20 years. Would like to reopen my divorce case if it is possible.
Thank you,
J. Greenlee

Asked 6 months ago in Divorce

Christen’s answer: You have several different open issues in your question. If the EJ account was included in the divorce judgment and the judgment orders that you get half, that's one type of action - for his not performing according to the agreement. If, on the other hand, this is some asset that was 'hidden' or not revealed during the divorce action, that is a completely different course of action. You should consult an attorney, and have a copy of your final divorce judgment and any settlement agreements and statements of assets and debts available for an attorney to look at so they can tell you the best course of action.

Answered 6 months ago.

How could I lose my case? : Two years ago I found out my daughter was sexually abused by her step-father at the age of five. Her mother knew, there was a police report, but I was never informed. I learned of the abuse after I had to take my daughter to therapy during her summer visit because she was self harming and abusing drugs. In addition to the sexual abuse, her mother is a drunk, had affairs with various men during her marriage and took my daughter to their homes, and emotionally abused her. She had three more children with the abuser and my daughter was used as a free sitter -  'Home Schooled'  without my knowledge or consent. She refused to take my daughter to therapy or make her take medicine. My daughter was diagnosed with PTSD from the abuse and still has sever emotional issues as well as a drug problem now. I sued for full custody and lost!!!! Not only did I lose, I have to pay the mothers legal fee's. My daughter lives with me now (18) and today I received a notice that the mother wants child support. My daughter is in college which I pay for. I need to appeal but I am tapped out financially.

Asked 6 months ago in Child Custody

Christen’s answer: If you intend to appeal the 'custody loss' there are very limited timeframes on that, so you would need to do it right away. You can't appeal her most recent request for child support until after there's some sort of decision or ruling by the court. It's hard to say why you 'lost' because so many different factors can be at play. If you received a notice about her wanting child support, be sure to consult an attorney and defend against that request with the information that she lives with you. If she's 18, she might not be eligible for support any longer, but there are some instances where she could still be eligible. At least pay for a full office consultation with an attorney to discuss the various issues in your case.

Answered 6 months ago.

Im from missouri l met this lady she lives in Ghana west africa we want to get married how do i get her with no trouble: Her family says she needs a tribe wedding before she gets here first is that true but she was born in the state of California her parents died her uncle took her to Ghana West Africa he says he wants money for the tribe wedding before she comes over to the states is this true or not she will be 29 of December 2016 all I need to do is help to get her here so we can get married

Asked 6 months ago in Prenuptials

Christen’s answer: These are not legal questions an attorney in the US is probably able to answer for you. You need to speak with someone in Ghana about what their rules are; and you still have to deal with the family, regardless of what the 'law' is on the subject. You probably should speak with a good immigration attorney as well on the issues of marriage and getting her here. Here, she would be considered an adult and could do what she wants at the age of 29, but you're talking about the dynamics of personal and family relationships that are outside the bounds of law.

Answered 6 months ago.