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I got a speeding ticket going 101 in a 70 in champaign county and missed two court dates. What should I do?: I live in Louisiana and while I was visiting Illinois I got a speeding ticket in Champaign County going 101 miles an hour in a 70 mph zone I missed the first court date and the subsequent court date and I assume I have a warrant for my arrest in the state of Illinois. The original ticket was for $150 but now I do not know how much it will be or how to proceed. I know I will have enough money in August to make a trip to Illinois but I am afraid of getting arrested if I show up to the courthouse. I do not have much money now but in two months(September 2017) I will have nearly $3000 saved to deal with the consequences of my irresponsibility any advice would be very much appreciated.

Asked about 12 hours ago in Speeding Ticket

Ted’s answer: Retain a Champaign County traffic lawyer. Mark Lipton, Tony Bruno, Francis Thomas, Greg Ryan. All good.

Answered about 2 hours ago.

Should I pay failure to reduce speed ticket and request court supervision ?: Rear ended another vehicle in heavy traffic. Should I pay fine and request court supervision by mail or just show up for court date?

Asked 1 day ago in Speeding Ticket

Ted’s answer: Other side doesn't show up, and they usually don't if there is insurance, the prosecutor will probably dismiss the ticket for lack of a witness (cop didn't see anything so the fact he wrote the ticket is not enough)

Answered 1 day ago.

What should I expect when I go to court for improper cell phone use while driving?: I was driving in Burnham, IL and was pulled over for talking on my cell phone while driving. I was expecting a ticket as I have a clean driving record, I can't even remember the last time I was given a ticket, but instead the cop wrote up a citation or something of the other (can't remember exactly as I do not have it with me) requiring my presence in court in about a month. I know talking on the phone while driving is illegal and as I tried to explain to him I was not blatantly trying to break the law right in front of him without regard..I WAS using my Bluetooth, it disconnected, I had to pick up my phone while it reconnected. Regardless, I know excuses don't matter, it's illegal no matter what, but I was not expecting that I'd have to appear in court. Is this a normal result for a traffic stop such as this? Will I have to plead guilty and pay a fine? I'm not sure of the normal procedure as I have never in my life been required to go to court.

Asked 2 days ago in Speeding Ticket

Ted’s answer: the supreme court had decided to make this a must appear ticket. Go there and plead guilty and be assessed a fine. The first violation is a non moving, no points conviction.

Answered 2 days ago.