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Put a security deposit down but cant take the apartment do i get my security deposit back: I put a security deposit down on 9/15/2016 and suppose to move in on Oct 1 2016 but where i stay at now my lease is up in November but my landlord told me that i can move on October 1st because i let them know i can no longer afford the rent where i am at so they said as long im out by Oct 1st now they change their mind after i put a security deposit down on another apartment told me i will have to pay the remaining 2 months i let the other landlord know what happen so when i put the security deposit down i let them know 2 days after that i can know long accept the apartment and wanted to know can i get my security deposit back i sign a least that starts October 1 2016 but i cant take it because my old landlord went back on their word so can i get my security deposit back from the new landlord i know maybe not all i told him he can place the sign back and he told me would i rather owe 2 months rent with my old landlord or a whole year rent with now it seems like he threating me on what he will do. When i let him know 2 days later i gave him the money September 15 and told him September 17.

Asked 8 months ago in Landlord & Tenant

Randy’s answer: You cannot get it back just because you told your new landlord you were not going to move in within 2 day. However, assuming these properties are in Chicago, you may be able to break one or both leases under the RLTO. Many firms, including mine, offer free consultations.

Answered 8 months ago.

What legal course of action can I take to get my deposit back from my old landlord?: I was a tenant for a year, and at the beginning of the lease I put down a security deposit, I moved out of that apartment on June 30th, and am now waiting for my deposit reimbursement. I have contacted him multiple times and he told me 2 weeks ago that the check was in the mail. I have not yet received a check, I emailed him 3 days ago and have tried calling him multiple times and have had no response. What are my next steps for getting my deposit back?

Asked 10 months ago in Landlord & Tenant

Randy’s answer: You should call a lawyer to help you with this. If the property is in Chicago and the residential landlord tenant act applies (generally does) you may have claims against your landlord for 2x the security deposit plus the return of the deposit plus attorney fees and court costs. Many firms, including mine, offer free consultations.

Answered 10 months ago.

Can a landlord do a showing without my consent?: I have a landlord who is showing my apartment with less than 48-hours' notice. The agreement we had via email was that I wanted to be home and present for all showings as I do not feel comfortable with strangers in my own. With that agreement I would agree to less than 48-hours' notice. My landlord contacted me at 12:30 p.m saying someone would be coming the same day at 6:00 p.m. I requested they not come until 6:30 p.m. when I would be home. My landlord said that would not be possible and they would get the key to let themselves in. Is this legal, and if not how do I respond? Thanks. P.S. My apartment is covered by the RLTO.

Asked about 1 year ago in Landlord & Tenant

Randy’s answer: This is not legal under the RLTO. You should contact a tenants rights attorney to review your lease and emails. Many firms, including mine offer free consultations.

Answered about 1 year ago.