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The GAL is prejudiced against me, which motion may I file to have her removed or replaced from the divorce case successfully?: in Cook County a Lawyer who is the GAL on the divorce case with a young 7 year old minor involved, who could be a child representative also, has been giving my husband ideas and taking him away from what he is asking for. She is going to recommend more than what he wanted. She said before we ever met that she is not talking to me any more. How can she conduct a fair "Mediation" if she is biased? It was supposed to be about the best interests of my child. After our counceling session the second to last time, she suggested that I write a petition to the Judge. When I did, she threw it back in my face this time saying that I was on the way to losing my son if I carried on like this. What can I do to get her removed. (Cook County, Chicago, IL) I need to file it before she files a continuance, and I want to reverse the 2nd payment I gave her of $750.00. She is not helping, but hurting the case and is a nemesis to my husband and I getting a long. Stirring up aggravation between the two of us...suggesting new things he has never wanted that was on my radar from before I even filed my appearance in June last year (2016). Please, what can I do to have her successfully removed?

Asked about 21 hours ago in Divorce

J.’s answer: A Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) is NOT a mediator. His or her role is to serve as the court's "right arm" in investigating the pertinent factors that might affect the best interests of the child. The GAL reports his or her findings and recommendations to the court, and generally looks out for the child.
I recommend that you try to meet with the GAL and apologize for the rough start, and ask her if you can "start over". Explain your position in a calm and logical fashion, and give it your best shot. That's all you can do, except, of course, HIRE A LAWYER, which is what you should have done initially.
I might add that I doubt if the GAL would allow any bias to influence her recommendations. The well-being of your child is ALL the GAL is concerned with. She is not going to compromise that because of some perceived dislike for you or for your behavior in the case.

Answered about 19 hours ago.

How can I move to another state with my child while I have the custody if my ex is not ok with that ?: I want to move to another state with my son after I get my divorce , do I have that right ?
And if the eux-husband doesn't let me to move with our child what can I do then ?

Asked 6 days ago in Child Custody

J.’s answer: You absolutely CANNOT permanently remove the child from the State of Illinois without your husband's prior written consent, or without first obtaining leave of court.

Answered 2 days ago.

Can I start a child support case in IL after my son has turned 18, but is a full time college student?: The Department of Human Services went after my son's father for child support because I was receiving assistance. I had the case removed because he was helping when our son needed something. He was not giving support on a regular basis until my son turned about 16. He was giving $100 a week, although he had a six figure salary. But, as soon as he graduated highschool June 2017, he refused to support him. My child starts College in the Fall as a full time student. Can I get support?

Asked 9 days ago in Child Support

J.’s answer: Under Section 513 0f our Divorce Act, you can petition the court for non-minor support(maintenance) when the child is living with you and is a full time college student.

Answered 3 days ago.