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How do I get rid of my roomate?: We have an odd living situation. We are technically living in a mixed commercial building witch I don't believe is even registered as a domicile. Our landlord has set it up this way. Rent is paid by each of us to the landlord separately for the room we occupy. We use a space which has has two entrances with two addresses but is joined on our level. The person who is being trouble is on the far side from me with the other address. The three of us on this side are sick of his cocaine fueled parties and hosting bands and shows and distructive cat and dominating attitude and dictatorship actions and dealing pot. He is months behind on his rent. I feel as though I'm being driven from the home I've worked so hard to make. None of us has signed a lease. Some of us have receipts for rent payments. We have the same electric bill and that makes me wonder about the separate address. I would like to wire the door shut and say that we pay for this address and he pays for that one, but I'm not sure I have any right to do so. I asked my landlord to post notice and he said he would do so that day. I have heard that it can take months to evict and I'm not sure I can hold out. Do I have options?

Asked 5 months ago in Landlord & Tenant

Robert’s answer: If the landlord does not give notice to the other tenant, then I would advise giving your thirty day written notice to the landlord and get out. Your situation could get worse if the police are aware. I highly recommend consulting with an experienced landlord/tenant attorney about your situation.

Answered 4 months ago.

How do I clearly and thoroughly cover everything I need to in a letter to my landlord who has been severely violating my rights?: My name is Lanie, I'm a 20 year old tenant in Crystal Lake. I moved out of my parents' place for the first time, and into a partially furnished upstairs portion of a duplex with a roommate (12/15/2016). The Landlord, Pamela, lived in the unit prior and would then move to private studio on the lower level of the duplex with a private exit and kitchenette etc. A wall and lockable door clearly and privately divides the two units. We signed the lease with the landlord on the 12th and she asked if we would be ready to move in by the 15th, and we agreed. Upon moving in, we found that she had not removed majority of her items and furniture that was not in our verbal permission to use.. she still has not removed some of her items to this day (01/9/2017). Throughout the first month of living here, she's made it hell. Breaching the lease almost daily, Acting as a parent authority figure, going into our home and looking into our rooms etc. speaking to us in the rudest of ways. attempting to limit who we have over, and retaliating when I attempt to stand up for my rights. This is not even close the the extent it usually goes. I'm being exploited because of my age and lack of experience.

Asked 4 months ago in Landlord & Tenant

Robert’s answer: From the information you have provided you have at least two options. First, you can file a lawsuit seeking to terminate the lease for breach of contract. Your roommate can be a witness. Pictures should be taken of the property. Second, you can file an order of protection against the landlord on the grounds of harassment and interference with personal liberty. I highly recommend consulting with an attorney to discuss all options you may have.

Answered 4 months ago.

Can I get divorced while pregnant with another mans baby, Husband and I haven't been together in 5 years. : I was married in 2010 he took off in 2011 then came back in 2012 And took off again. He hasn't been around Since. He and I both moved on, Couldn't afford divorce. We have 2 children together but my boyfriend has been raising them. I am now 5 months pregnant by my boyfriend, we want to get married. Can I get a divorce while pregnant with my boyfriend?

Asked 4 months ago in Divorce

Robert’s answer: Yes. The divorce decree would need to state that your husband is not the natural father of your 2 other children. If you do not know the whereabouts of your husband, you can still divorce your husband by undertaking service of process by publication. I highly recommend discussing your concerns with an attorney to guide you through process and any further issues that may arise.

Answered 4 months ago.