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I relieved a minor consumption charge last night I have had other run ins with the police was wondering if I should fight it?: So I was at a party and a lot of people were drinking some over and under 21 cops came everyone scattered. Well I got caught I blew a 0.038. Is it worth fighting? I am 18 years old just graduated high school. The only reason why I actually got caught was I promised a friend that I would make sure he was safe if anything happened so I looped around to make sure he was since he wasn't answering his phone. What would be the cost and possible results if I do not fight it. Never got a ticket at the scene never got read my rights. I was not driving a vehicle at the time of it nor was a passenger.

Asked 4 days ago in Criminal Defense

Andrew’s answer: One consequence of not fighting this would be having a criminal conviction on your record. It is always worth at least speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney to see what options you may have. It would be in your best interest to attempt to resolve this case without it resulting in a conviction.

Answered 1 day ago.

What do I do?: My 15yr old daughter has been accused of stealing 1400.00 from her uncle because he believes she knew the money was in a unlocked truck parked in his driveway and had access to the truck while over at his house. He stated to me he has no proof other then the fact she was at his home and is the only one that could have possibly done it. He has since called the police and reported the money stolen and told the police he thinks my daughter is responsible. The police want to meet with her at the police station, what do I do? She has denied knowing anything about it.

Asked 9 days ago in Criminal Defense

Andrew’s answer: First, do not have her speak with the police. The best way to beat a criminal charge is to not have the charge filed in the first place. The police are only going to look for evidence to incriminate her. Nothing good can come from this and she should exercise her right to remain silent.

Second, it sounds like it would be in her best interest to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Answered 8 days ago.

Mother seeking help for their innocent daughter. Please help me help her!?: My daughter's snap chat account was hacked by a girl who refused to give it back. She requested that my daughter send her money via her paypal account or she would start sending out my daughters pictures to everybody. When my daughter told her she didn't have any money the girl began sending out my daughter's pictures on snap chat. I contacted snap chat and it took about two days before my daughter had regained her account. This girl told my daughter she was going to get her put in jail because she had her account back. The police came and took my daughter because this person turned the tables on my daughter and said she did it. We have screen shots and the full proof. The detective does not believe my daughter and calls the other girl a sweet and innocent 14 year old. This girl was sending snap chat messages to my daughter and we showed the detective that it wasn't my daughter doing anything and they took her to the juvenile center in Hastings, MN. I'm so upset about this because my daughter didn't do anything wrong. I went to see my daughter at the juvenile center when she got there and her arms and wrists and should are all scraped up and bruised. I need help please

Asked 9 days ago in Criminal Defense

Andrew’s answer: You are doing the right thing by reaching out to the legal community. At this point, it appears your daughter is being charged with a Crime. The most important thing you can do is retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect her rights. It appears she is being framed, but it will take a lot of investigative work to uncover, and present this to the prosecutor.

Answered 8 days ago.