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How do I find out what an FTA/SC means or how to fix it. The address which is listed is from 10 years ago.: I called once and was told no warrant. Now I looked up by zip code and it shows a warrant. The name was my hyphenated married name which is from 1989. I don't want to be stopped for traffic and get arrested. I often have my very young granddaughters with me.

Asked over 2 years ago in General Practice

Christopher’s answer: There are a variety of defenses and mechanisms available to you, but because there is a warrant, you probably want an experienced debt defense attorney, especially due to the amount of time the case has been pending. Contact a local Lake County lawyer immediately!

Answered over 2 years ago.

Indiana law regarding broken engagements.: Fiancé cheated on her many times, lying constantly.

Asked over 2 years ago in Family

Christopher’s answer: What you are probably asking is whether you can recover the engagement ring if you break off an engagement prior to marriage. In Indiana (and most states), the gift of a ring is conditional; in other words, the engagement ring is given in consideration of marriage. If the marriage never takes place, the gift should be rescinded. In other words, you should receive the ring back if the engagement is broken prior to marriage, regardless of the reason for the break, and regardless of your former fiancee's conduct leading up to the breakup. You should, however, consult an attorney before pursuing any remedy in a small claims or other court of law.

Answered over 2 years ago.

I was given a notice of eviction, I am to appear in court soon to contest. Am I safe representing myself? Do I have any recourse: I've liven in the same apartment for over 7 years. I always pay my rent, keep my home clean, and quiet. Recently I've been charged with a felony that carries an uncomfortable stigma that made a few tennents worry. The reason for eviction is for unlawful conduct. Only charges have been filed, I have not been tried or convicted. I've had open dialogue with the apartments management personnel and it seemed we could come to a mutual agreement outside of court. All of a sudden, I've been blocked from making rent payments online, and their attorney fees were added to my bill. I feel blindsided. Is it reasonable to request that I am allowed to stay until there's a verdict? Why would a manager verbally agree to work something out with me, all the while their lawyers are still in motion?

Asked over 2 years ago in Landlord & Tenant

Christopher’s answer: Unfortunately, if the lease provides a remedy for unlawful conduct, you don't have to be convicted in order for the landlord to evict you. Generally, a letter would be sent from the landlord informing you of his/its intention to pursue eviction proceedings pursuant to the lease, but it is not required. The oral statements made by the landlord or his agent is not binding, either. Any modification to the lease would have to be in writing, and it could not be construed that the landlord intended to waive his right under the lease by making oral statements. That being said, just because legally he has a right to pursue this, doesn't make it the right thing to do. I wish you the best of luck in finding a place to live, and I hope you reach a favorable outcome in the criminal case.

Answered over 2 years ago.