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I bought a truck and turns out it has a dismantled brand in another state and I can't title it what can I do?: I bought a 1995 ranger for work the next morning I went to the title office to transfer it into my name. They asked If it was pieced together and I said not that I know of. They said it has a dismantled junk rebuilt salvage title it has 8 brands. I was told nothing of this when I bought it. So she said I need a salvage inspection so I waited the month to get it done. It passed but they said I needed a salvage title in my name so I went back to the bmv and they won't give me a Ohio title because in Florida it has a dismantled brand. I got the car fax to see what the history was. It hit a parked car in 96 and that's when it got the brand. It was rebuilt and sold to Ohio then crashed in 99. It was fixed again and repoed in 2000 then in February 2017 the last owner bought it and I bought it 6 months later. I paid more than I wanted for it because it's in very good condition but now they are saying I can't do anything but sell it for parts or scrap. Is their a way to get a reconstructed title or a court order title? It's been on the road 20 years since the main accident in96. I'm a mechanic and looked it over and couldn't tell it was wrecked. The guy I bought it off or won't call back.

Asked 4 days ago in Lemon Law

Ronald’s answer: Ohio has a title defect law that says if the seller delivers a defective title to you in a vehicle sale then you would have the right to cancel the sale; the state Attorney General office actually has a fund to that may handle payment to consumers where the seller violates this law. Call them if you can't get the seller to respond, but you may want to first send a certified mail letter to the seller so you can prove to the Ohio AG that you tried. Good luck

Answered 2 days ago.

I made a purchase with a 100 day warranty/guarantee that if I was not satisfied I could return the product within the 100 days : I returned the product now the supplier is refusing to make a refund. I have met all of the requirements of our agreement what do I do.

Asked 8 days ago in Consumer Protection

Ronald’s answer: If the amount at stake is less than a few thousand dollars you can sue them in your local small claims court for breach of warranty or contract and you may not need a lawyer. otherwise, find a consumer law attorney near you and review it with them.

Answered 5 days ago.

Can a car lot sell a vehicle with bent, rusted or missing parts to the frame?: My son bought a truck that has a badly bent frame. The air bag was blown so I am sure he knew that it had been in some sort of accident but the vehicle had been fixed and he didn't think anything of it. He bought it from a used car lot. I wasn't sure if they have the responsibility to disclose that the frame was bent/missing prior to the sale or what the laws were exactly.

Asked about 2 months ago in Lemon Law

Ronald’s answer: In Ohio it is a violation of the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act for a car dealer to sell a car to a consumer for his/her consumer-type use if the vehicle is unsafe to operate on a public roadway. But you only have two years from the sale of the vehicle to file a claim so if you are going to argue about it with the dealer, get it over with. If it doesn't work out, call a car sales fraud or consumer law lawyer near you right away, before your rights run out. The Consumer Act also gives you the right to make the dealer pay your attorney fees too. There are other laws that can also apply.

Answered about 2 months ago.