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What will happen if a no insurance citation is received?: Involved in an accident, received a citation for following to close and no insurance. Acquired ins after accident occurred so vehicle would not be towed.

Asked about 5 hours ago in Car Accident

Barry’s answer: You are facing up to a year and s $1000 fine. You could get a reduced charged with s plea bargain. You need counsel and bring proof of insurance to court.

Answered about 4 hours ago.

I feel even my lawyer is colluding with the city, county and state to stop me from posting online reviews?: my lawyers keeps saying that he will ask the prosecutor this and that like she is controlling him. this is related to what is turning out to be charges related to online reviews and They seem to be trying to protect themselves from online reviews and have already had me arrested for it. these people will not stop as they attempt to protect themselves, of course, this is only part of the story.

Asked about 7 hours ago in Criminal Defense

Barry’s answer: Not really sure what is going on, except you don't trust your lawyer. Change counsel to someone you trust and have confidence in. Otherwise, I see no question in your narrative to respond to.

Answered about 7 hours ago.

When a car slams on brakes to a complete stop in a keep it moving lane loop, is it my fault if I rear end them?: The car was in front of me about 3-4 car lengths. It had just finished raining. The car was going on a keep it moving lane loop under a bridge to the other side. All of a sudden she slams on brakes trying to cut across all three lanes. Is it all my fault if I accidentally rear ended her since she slammed on brakes in a keep it moving?

Asked about 8 hours ago in Car Accident

Barry’s answer: You failed to keep an assured clear distance and will be deemed at fault. Her actions may reduce the amount of her damages, if you can prove her actions.

Answered about 7 hours ago.