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I was stopped last night and the policeman used excessive fore to handcuff me because I ask the officer what the charge was .: I did what the police ask me to do but I refuse to drop my left hand because I was walking my jack Russell terrier to get handcuffed as I was afraid that my dog would get hit in traffic. I told the officer I would comply with his orders if he would tie my pet to the police car. he got on the radio and said that I was fighting with him---not true! I still do not know why I was stopped other then a black winter coat that I had on. I was at the hospital for 21/2 hours because of the police action after the fact. I won, because I got to walk away with my life and not dead as Columbus, Ohio has a history of shooting first and then asking details! I am 63 years old and I did not commit no crime other then wearing that coat. what can I do about this and hospital bill? thanks!

Asked over 3 years ago in Constitutional

Michael’s answer: It appears that the police violated your right against unreasonable search -- a constitutional violation for which you can seek damages. -- more information is necessary.

Answered over 3 years ago.

I was fired for having scoliosis even though I made the condition known to my boss after diagnosis. Isn't this discrimination???: I was said to have lied during my interview, which was on March 15th, but how could I when I hadn't been diagnosed until March 20th, when doctors discovered the curvature during x-rays while investigating a possible gallbladder problem? (I have documentation to back this up.)
I made my condition known to them and was fired literally a week later, even though I had gone above and beyond all that had been asked of me and even though I was still able to work very efficiently for a full day.

I'd really like to know what grounds do I have to sue on, if any?

I honestly feel that I've been discriminated against.

Asked about 4 years ago in Discrimination

Michael’s answer: The facts suggest a disability discrimination claim called a "regarded as" claim. If the employer takes action against you because it believes you have a medical condition -- and, in this case, believes the medical condition is cause for termination -- you have a claim. If the employer has more than 15 full time employees, it is covered by both federal and state anti-discrimination law. You have 180 days to file a charge of discrimination with the EEOC to protect your rights. You should consult with a lawyer for a more detailed examination of the facts.

Answered about 4 years ago.

I quit my job and I was not paid for hours worked off the clock is there anything I can do?: They keep coming up with excuses to make me quit

Asked about 4 years ago in Discrimination

Michael’s answer: Yes, if a large company, contact the US Dept. of Labor Wage & Hour office in Cleveland. If small, contact the Ohio Dept. of Commerce Wage & Hour office closest to you.

Answered about 4 years ago.