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How long before an arrest warrant is issued: I have been accused of embezzling logs and stealing logs from the company I work for it's been over a year and I still have not heard anything from anyone other than my own attorney which is nothing

Asked 8 months ago in Criminal Defense

William’s answer: Kentucky has no statute of limitations on felony charges. Assuming the theft was in excess of $500 then theoretically you could be charged at anytime forever. Your attorney may be able to prevent a warrant from being issued. A summons may be issued for you to appear in court. Remember criminal prosecution involves the state versus you not the company you worked for. The company is only the prosecution witness. It will have to contact the police and file a report or take out a complaint which must be reviewed and signed by a judge to start criminal court proceedings.

Answered 8 months ago.

Where do I file for a Federal Crime because my Ex refuses to pay child-support and is living in another state (Missouri). : My ex owes me over $12,000 in child-support. A bench warrant (in SC) has already been issued but she lives in Missouri now and thinks she is safe from prosecution in SC.

Asked 8 months ago in Child Support

William’s answer: This is not a "federal crime" question. If South Carolina has issued a warrant you should notify the South Carolina authorities of her Missouri address. She will then ultimately be arrested in Missouri and extradited to South Carolina to face her charges.

Answered 8 months ago.

Can I get my gun back once it was seized by the police (misdemeanor)? : I had court the day after I was arrested, which was back in April. The judge sentenced one year unsupervised probation and charged me with a misdemeanor.

Asked 10 months ago in Criminal Defense

William’s answer: If you were convicted either by a trial or a plea to a domestic violence offense then you have lost the right to possess a firearm. If that was the case then you are probably not getting your gun back . If the police seized your weapon at the time you were arrested and it was kept as a result of a plea agreement then you won't get it back. Otherwise you probably will. Contact your attorney if you are not sure.

Answered 10 months ago.