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Can I sue an Arkansas Police Department for not seatbelting me resulting in injury?: I was in voluntary protective custody for suicidal ideation. When they transported me they shackled and handcuffed me to a chain around my waist (no I was not violent). They didn't seatbelt me and I was unable to seatbelt myself.
The officer wrecked resulting in injury to me. I have been diagnosed with incomplete C4 quadriplegia.
There's more to it, but that is the basics.

Asked about 1 month ago in Personal Injury

Charles’s answer: You may also have a claim against the driver based on his fault in causing the crash itself. If a third party caused the accident you may have a claim again them.

Sit down with an Arkansas lawyer as soon as possible.

Answered about 1 month ago.

What Kind of Attorney do I need for Gross Med. negligence: My minor son suffers with TBI and other mental disorders. He was in Lakeside Hospital ,Memphis Tn. for two days. He had threatened to take his own life. His has an IQ of 60. He was put in a room with an 18 year old, much stronger and bigger than him,, this 18 year old beat my son, and kicked him in the back and head . There were x rays taken. no one has told me anything about the x-rays. They admitted that what they did was wrong, and never should have happened. My son has scoliosis and underwent surgery two years ago. He has two metal rods down his back . He is having to see his orthopedic surgeon because there is a curve in his back again . My son did not deserve this, nor should he have been put into a room with this person that the nurse said was psychotic .
Please help me, or refer me someone who can. Thank you for your time, Patricia Montz, 901-208-5933
pparks613@yahoo.com or 1556 Garland Detroit Rd. Burlison , TN 38015 This took place over thanksgiving.

Asked 7 months ago in Medical Malpractice

Charles’s answer: That's a disturbing set of facts.

You need a Tennessee attorney familiar with catastrophic premises liability, medical malpractice and personal injury in my opinion.

You should definitely consult a lawyer immediately. Good luck.

C. Wesley Fowler

Answered 7 months ago.

Can I get compansation: My dad was killed in a grain truck on Oct 7 2016 he was a seasonal hauler for a farmer for five years he wrecked and it killed him he was at worl

Asked 7 months ago in Personal Injury

Charles’s answer: You definitely need to talk to a lawyer licensed and familiar with Arkansas law. I'd recommend a lawyer familiar with both the worker's compensation law and wrongful death.

Good luck,

C. Wesley Fowler

Answered 7 months ago.