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I have a felony in wayne county tn i would like to know if it can be removed or expunged: it was done in 2009 and i did all my time at 100% can i get this removed from my record

Asked about 2 years ago in Expungement

Leonard’s answer: It depends on whether you entered your plea pursuant to a pretrial or judicial diversion, which is unlikely since you served the sentence. You may qualify for expungement under TCA 40-32-101(g). You can find more information about that at the link below.

It is important to determine what your goals are and what you are trying to accomplish by having your record expunged. There may be other options available to you.

Answered about 2 years ago.

What happens if the arresting officer doesn't read you your rights?: Did 16 months as a minor then got out on a 5 year probation. caught a violation of probation for domestic assult and evading arrest

Asked over 2 years ago in Juvenile

Leonard’s answer: In Tennessee, and many other States the requirement for an arresting officer to read someone their rights only attaches prior to custodial interrogation. So, if the officer did not interrogate you or ask you questions after taking you into custody, then there will likely be no impact from the officer failing to read you your rights. However, if you were interrogated, while in custody, then you may be entitled to have your statements excluded at trial. This is a very fact intensive inquiry and the particular situation should be evaluated by your attorney.

Answered over 2 years ago.

How do I get probation reinstated?: My boyfriend was on probation for driving on a suspended revoked drivers licenses. Its his 5 offence. We tried to get him back and forth to his po. But the car broke down and due to the economy we both lost our jobs. The po office is 15 miles away or better a little more than walking distance. How could we get his probation reinstated?? And would it do any good if we paid off probation fee's and court cost in advance?

Asked over 3 years ago in DUI & DWI

Leonard’s answer: In Dickson County, it is always helpful to pay off fines and cost when you have an open Violation of Probation Warrant. Also, it is very important to continue to report to the probation officer while you are waiting for your hearing. In a Driving on Revoked case, it is most important to et your license reinstated if eligible to do so.

Answered over 3 years ago.