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Will Child protective services try and take my children away from me?: My 4 children and I were taken to a Safe House because my youngest son told me that my fiancé kicked him and had been threatening him. I told my mother who then called the cops to do a safety check. When they questioned me I told them what my son told me and they said myself and my children would have to go to a safe place for a few days until things calmed down. So we did, later that night my son said he wasn't kicked but that my fiancé pushed him with his foot because my son was doing it to my 1 yr old daughter. He also stated that it didn't hurt nor is he afraid of my fiancé hurting him. In light of all that information, if I go back home would my children be taken away from me?

Asked about 1 month ago in Child Abuse

Joanna’s answer: If DCF has an open and active case, then you need to follow their directives so that you are not accused of failing to protect your children (which can cause you to lose custody). If DCF has closed their case and you are absolutely certain that there is no risk of abuse by your fiancé, then there is no reason you cannot move back home with your children. However, you really, really need to be certain that no abuse occurred and that there is no risk of any in the future.

Answered about 1 month ago.

Will I have to increase my child support payments to 300,000 a year if I begin making a million dollars a year? : I'm asking bc currently I'm paying out about thirty percent of my annual income as child support and alimony combined. Once alimony is dropped, will my child support be raised and how much can she modify and take for child support if my income increases this much? Currently I make about $90,000 w her getting $30,000 a year which is 30%. Would she still have access to 30% if I began making a million a year? I currently pay $1000 for child support and $1500 in alimony each month. Thank you. I'm hoping there's some kind of a cap or protection of my money.

Asked about 1 month ago in Child Support

Joanna’s answer: Once the alimony stops, her net income will decrease and yours will increase which could possibly be grounds for modifying the child support. But she would have to file for the modification. And any modification is determined by the Florida Child Support Guidelines. It's not just a straight percentage.

Answered about 1 month ago.

Can i give my ex boyfriend ,who is the father of my child, custody of our child without involving the court ? : It s for the best interest of our child to be with his father. Since we are not married, can we do our own custody without the court. Is there any legally valid way out of the court system.

Asked about 1 month ago in Child Custody

Joanna’s answer: If you are both in agreement, then it would be best to file a Joint Stipulation of Paternity and agreed Parenting Plan so that his legal rights as the biological father are properly established. Under Florida Law, until a Court adjudicates him as the biological father, he technically has no rights and you have sole custody. If he's not already on the birth certificate, a court order establishing him as the father is the only way to get it changed. If you're not going to make your arrangement formal (by filing a Joint Stipulation with the Court), he should, at a minimum, file paperwork with the Putative Father registry in Florida. A joint stipulation though is strongly recommended so that, god forbid, in the event anything was to happen to you, he is legally established as the father. Because a Joint Stipulation is predominately a matter of paperwork, the legal fees to draft and file the required paperwork shouldn't be excessive. You should consult with an attorney.

Answered about 1 month ago.