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Move from NO GARNISHMENT State to Garnishment state am I safe? : I live in PA a no garnish state but will be moving to FL where they allow garnishment. Will a creditor/judgment be able to attack me down on FL from PA?

Asked 4 months ago in Debt Collection

Mark’s answer: Keep in mind (1) if you work for a national or even regional employer the creditor could domesticate the judgment to a garnishment state where the employer has a presence and garnish you from there, so you may not be as safe as you think right now; and (2) the judgment creditor would need to find out where you were working in Florida. For employers using a major payroll service provider, a reasonably sophisticated judgment creditor could find that out using a service called "The Work Number" for a nominal fee. Otherwise they would have to call you in for a deposition in aid of execution or hire a private investigator.

Answered 4 months ago.

Can my lic. be held from me in suspension for a restitution case that has been sent to collections over 10 years ago.: i am trying to get my lic back and am being told i have to pay a collection agency for a 10 year old case.

Asked 5 months ago in Debt Collection

Mark’s answer: Your situation may or may not be helped by bankruptcy, it will likely hinge on whether what you did ten years ago was intentional or reckless. \

However, it appears that relief is coming in the legislature if you can wait for it.


Answered 5 months ago.

What is the proper documentation I need from the landlord to show the court the debt/judgement was settled?: I owe a previous landlord I have a judgement against me in county court, we came to an agreement to settle the debt.

Asked over 1 year ago in Debt Collection

Mark’s answer: Different states put the burden on different parties to a judgment. I have seen statements that in California "..the law requires that he or she file an Acknowledgment of Satisfaction of Judgment within 15 days of receiving payment."

Answered over 1 year ago.