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Can I sue a dog sitter in Florida for "property damage" and pain and suffering?: I left my two french bulldogs with a dog sitter. She left them out in her yard unattended for "five minutes" and my male pup fell into her pool and drowned. I paid $3,700 for him and with vet fees and stud fees (we were going to use him 3 times) the totals around $7,000. This doesn't factor in pain and suffering of losing a 16 month old puppy that was full of life. I'm not sure if suing for pain and suffering and recovery of damages is worth it or do I just try to collect $7,000. None of this brings my baby boy back of course...

Asked 4 months ago in Animal Law

Betty’s answer: Sorry for your loss. Pets are still considered to be personal property meaning that damages are the value of the animal before the negligence. You should be able to use any receipts or bill of sale you received for that although you may have to call the seller as a witness to avoid a hearsay objection. You may want to try to find out if perhaps there is homeowners or renters insurance as finding a source of money is key to assessing how much you want to spend v. the chances of recovering any funds by litigation on your own or through an attorney (who would want a % of recover if you can find an attorney to even take the case). You may have to go to Small Claims Court on your own. . Pain and suffering are not components of damages in Florida involving pets. You would have to document well the intent to use him for breeding, otherwise it is speculative. For instance had you had his sperm tested or taken a class in breeding or done something other than just have the "intent" to use him for breeding? Hope that this helps....

Answered 4 months ago.

My neighbor doesn't like my family and is making our lives hell. Is there anything we can do without breaking bank?: Ever since we moved in this guy has acted entitled, he thinks he owns the neighborhood. He shouts at us when we drive by, or are in our front yard. He calls code enforcement on us. He lied about our dog attacking a child and now we have to pay so much money and my parents are missing work, just to keep our dog. He tore down the back end of his fence so that are dogs might wander into his yard so he could kill them. He's threatened to shoot them. He many times would stand to overlook our back yard and even fed our dogs without permission. He put a clothes hanger in my car tire... though I can't prove it. He publicly exclaimed that he would make our life hell and he's doing it. My mom is having panic attacks and has been so stressed she's physically ill and I myself am starting to feel the same.

Asked 7 months ago in Animal Law

Betty’s answer: So sorry to hear of your problems. Register your complaint with the police. Maybe see if you could farm the dogs out to a friend for a while? If feasible invest in some good quality home security cameras to catch him in the act? Is there a home owners association that may help or mediate? Unfortunately until he steps over the line and is caught there is nothing a lawyer can do but maybe write a cease and desist letter.... Thoughts and prayers for you and your family and pets.

Answered 7 months ago.

My car was hit in an auto accident and the other party experienced a broken leg.: My car was hit in an auto accident and the other party experienced a broken leg. I'm insurance is offering to pay them 10,000. But, they are asking me to sign affidavit with lots of financial questions. I own nothing and have no money. I don't feel comfortable answering this questions.

Asked 8 months ago in Car Accident

Betty’s answer: These questions are asked, under oath/by affidavit, to be sure that you do not have the financial ability to pay more than the insurance coverage allows. It is very standard and does need to be responded to truthfully. By signing such an Affidavit, once your insurance company pays the $10,000.00, they will have secured a release which releases you from further liability/responsibility for the injuries sustained by that person. Be sure to keep a copy for your records!

Answered 8 months ago.