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I want to address a warrant for my arrest but can't afford an attorney, what can I do?: I'm a single mom with absolutely no help or support. I'm the only one my son has. I just recently found out there is a warrant for my arrest on substantial felony charges(non-violent). I have evidence that I did not commit the crime/s in question but can't afford an attorney. I want to deal with the matter before being located (I'm in another state) and held on a bond I can't afford, leaving my son with no one or to be put into the system, what can I do and how long do I have until I'm "found"? I'm trying to deal with it just don't know how. I've called criminal attorneys for free consultations and they all give me different advice!

Asked 7 days ago in Criminal Defense

Robert’s answer: There's no easy answer to your question. When someone out of Florida faces a Florida arrest warrant that person is under immediate and continual threat of an arrest and possible extradition at any time.
As a criminal defense lawyer I look to the following factors in accessing what to do next: the severity of the charged offense, the length of time since the offense and the integrity of all of the identifying information on the warrant. If the charge is not too serious or nonviolent it's likely possible to schedule a time for you to turn yourself into the authorities and later attend a hearing where the judge and prosecutor formally attend to the merits of the case. Once you've become a party to the case then the case will end either in dismissal, plea or trial by jury.
You should look for a criminal defense lawyer who practices in the Florida county where the warrant originated. Find someone who handles criminal law exclusively and who can help guide you thru the process in the least painful way possible to finally get this charge off your back.

Answered 7 days ago.

Can I get an extension for community service or Will I do jail time for PTI rejection after court hearing?: Hello, I received a letter on Jan. 23rd saying that my PTI (which ends Feb.27th) program was rejected, for the second time, and that I am scheduled for court on Feb 23rd. I paid all of my fines (1,161.00), but I did not complete my (50) hours of community service yet, since I work over the weekends considering my new promotion into management. I have a scheduled date to see my P.O. on Feb, 2nd. I would like to know what procedures could I possibly take.

~Grand theft auto- My 1st offence.

Asked about 2 months ago in Criminal Defense

Robert’s answer: Pretrial Intervention (PTI) is one of the best ways to have your criminal case dismissed in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. The program is administered by the State Attorney's Office and upon completion of all the requirements the prosecutors will file a Motion to Dismiss the case with the presiding judge.

The best thing you can do is ask the probation officer and the State Attorney's office for a third chance to complete the PTI if they'll give it to you and to make every effort to complete all of the underlying requirements before the due date otherwise the case goes back before the judge and you'll either have to plead or go to trial.

Answered about 2 months ago.

How long does it take for the State Of Florida to formally charge you on a crime? : My husband was arrested on October 13,2016 on grand theft. He went to first appearance on November 18,2016. He was advised that charges wasn't formally charged. How long does it take for the state to pick up the charges and How long does it take for the charges to be dropped?. My husband is currently on bond.

Asked 2 months ago in Criminal Defense

Robert’s answer: Once law enforcement has made an arrest then the State Attorney's Office conducts its own investigation. Under Florida law the prosecutors must take sworn testimony in order to file any felony case such as grand theft.

Usually in a grand theft case that would include evidence and testimony not only from one or more of the investigating Detectives but also of the victim who would be questioned as to the value of the property to prove that it was over $300 and to establish that there was an actual unlawful taking. The police arrest based on probable cause but prosecutors proceed based on whether they believe they can win the case at trial proving guilt of the defendant for grand theft beyond a reasonable doubt. Though the State has 175 days from the arrest to take action, typically a decision is made within a month or two as time is of the essence for prosecutors.

Answered about 2 months ago.