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I am being sued by a company over credit card debt. What should I do?: I am currently on Social Security disability and do not own a home. I do own a 2000 model year car.
The lawsuit is for approximately $4200 due to capital one. I became ill and was hospitalized and my payments went into default. Before then I had been keeping up with payments regularly.

Asked 7 months ago in Debt Collection

Jacqueline’s answer: I agree with Attorney Hittel and I also recommend getting your lawsuit paperwork evaluated by an attorney. There may be defenses and/or exemptions available to you. Most attorneys offer a free consultation. If legal fees are a concern, consider contacting your county legal aid office or you can visit the self help legal center at your local county courthouse.

Answered 7 months ago.

Mailed I 485 app And they received it on Nov 1 2016. How long before we hear from them as to wether they except it or not?: We were married Sept 21st 2016. She is here on a tourist visa. It expires 12/29/16... if we don't hear before the expiration of her visa does she have to leave the country?

Asked 8 months ago in Immigration

Jacqueline’s answer: Your question contains a lot of unanswered questions.

Your case was recently filed so I doubt that you have received a receipt notice from USCIS. Until then, you will need to remain patient.

Secondly, you said you filed an I-485, but you did not indicate whether or not you filed an I-130 petition. If you did not file an I-130, you have a problem. I suggest you contact an immigration attorney to discuss your options asap. The attorney will address your visa issue.

After you receive your receipt notice from USCIS, you can check current USCIS processing times by visiting here: https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/processTimesDisplay...

Answered 8 months ago.

Can I file for just divorce and not child custody in Texas? : We were married under common law in Texas and he left while I was pregnant. I did not establish his paternity & I intend to file for divorce on the grounds of either no fault or abandonment. I am a resident of Florida now and I want to remarry and remain the only guardian for my son so he remains with me in case the father decided to fight for custody ( father did not make contacts of any kind regarding the child since pregnancy by his choice and I don't know where he lives or works anymore). Question is:

Can I file for only divorce and not custody If I won't ask for child support just yet?

Asked 8 months ago in Family

Jacqueline’s answer: If you are a Florida resident and you don't know where you spouse lives you can file for divorce by publication. If everything is filed properly, you will receive a divorce, but the court cannot make any decisions regarding child custody, child support or division of property. Technically, you will have custody because your child is with you, but you will not get a COURT ORDER awarding you custody. The issues of child custody, child support and division of property will remain "open" until you can properly locate and serve your husband.

You should consult with a family law attorney for more information.

Answered 8 months ago.