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What could someosomeone be charged with if they used my name during a traffic stop?: I received a letter regarding 2 tickets written by a state trooper to me. It was not me and now I have to go to court and pay 2 late fees to even get a court date. I spoke to the trooper and he told me who the vehicle was registered to and said the woman driving appears to be on drugs and had two makes with her with whom none a a valid drivers license. He let them go with a seatbelt ticket and don an unknowingly drving on a suspended. I know my license is suspended and I am working that out with my lawyer (dui) but this happened in a different county. Can I press criminal fraud charges or would this be civil? What are the penalties? They have the tag number and we are getting to the bottom of this. The trooper said the women was 100 lbs wet and I am definitely heavier he now know this wasn't me? Now It. Problem though to prove it and get these tickets off my already tarnished record.

Asked 11 days ago in Speeding Ticket

Matthew’s answer: I agree with the other attorney as for possible other charges for the impostor. If you have 2 citations, you have to set them for trial to have the Trooper show up and state you are not the person who was driving. Be prepared to show where you were on the time of the stop, like bring in a time sheet from work, or another witness to testify where you were. If you know who used your information, go to the local state attorney's office and file a complaint. This will help you if they try to use your name again.

Answered 11 days ago.

How can I dismiss a domestic violence injunction?: I want to dismiss a domestic violence injunction which I have not gone to court yet for. What can I do?

Asked 2 months ago in Domestic Violence

Matthew’s answer: Your best bet is to hire an experienced domestic violence attorney to review the Petition for Injunction and make a good faith Motion to Dismiss. Remember if you do this by yourself, anything you say can and will be used against you. Take this injunction seriously and do yourself a favor retain counsel to best advise you.

Answered 2 months ago.

My DL was suspended almost ten years ago for dui. Can I get a license in GA? I am relocating and have a job there.: I was asked to do yard work and the person I was working for kept giving me drinks. After getting drunk she told me I had to leave then she called the cops. They arrested me and took my license,

Asked 2 months ago in DUI & DWI

Matthew’s answer: I don't know what Georgia will do, however, you should reinstate your license in Florida first, then Georgia cannot deny you a license. A typical 1st offense for DUI does not carry a 10 year suspension so it might be a matter of completing some tasks and reinstating your license.

Answered 2 months ago.