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16 yr old speaking for himself: I have to go to court this Wednesday because my son's dad is in contempt of our agreement. My son is afraid of his dad and refuses to tell him how he feels in private. I'm representing myself..is it ok for my son to speak to the judge himself and tell him how he feels about the situation? When I speak to his dad about issues he doesn't believe me but my son refuses to speak up so, I get the brunt of the anger, aggression etc. Is it ok for him to go to court and tell his dad and the judge how he feels so his voice is heard?

Asked almost 2 years ago in Divorce

Denise’s answer: Before you are permitted to bring a child to court, you must file a motion for child to testify. The court must grant that motion and only then will your son be permitted to speak with the judge.

Answered almost 2 years ago.

Extra payments for after school: the after school payments of my kids and the medical insurance are add in the calculation of child support, but my ex decided do not use the after school service, what can I do to get that extra money back to me? can I claim that extra money as a credit if we recalculate the child support in the future?

Asked almost 2 years ago in Child Support

Denise’s answer: You need to file a petition to modify child support. Usually, the modification will take effect from the date of filing forward, not retroactively, unless the modification is due to a change in time sharing. There may be an argument in equity, but not a very strong one.

Answered almost 2 years ago.

Can you be arrested for living in the same house as someone your having sex with and not married to.: You have children with this person. And live as a married couple. My boyfriends mother said she was going to report us and have both of us thrown in jail.

Asked almost 2 years ago in Criminal Defense

Denise’s answer: No, there is no crime being committed as long as you are both adults.

Answered almost 2 years ago.