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Can a Seller refuse to accept VA Loan?: I found a home and the owner of the home will not accept the VA loan cause he said the appraisal will come in lower then a conventional loan, so therefore he is not accepting the VA loan. Can a person selling a home not accept the Government Lending?

Asked about 1 month ago in Debt Agreements

Geil’s answer: The short answer is yes, but the seller's reasoning makes no sense. After the the last recession, which was brought on in part by mortgage fraud, the appraisal industry really cleaned up its act- long story, short is that appraisals are extremely reliable and consistent in today's market.
With that being said, a seller can refuse to enter into a contract for almost any reason. There are certain VA loan programs that require the seller to pay some of the buyer's closing costs and/or disallow some closing costs (which may ultimately have to be picked up by the seller). VA loans also make some sellers nervous because of the low down payment, the inspection/condition requirements, and the strong appraisal contingency.

Answered about 1 month ago.

My home is in foreclosure with a sell date of 6/7/2017 is it to late : moms home is in foreclosure i dont know any info payments when amount due or owed missed or when floreclosure started ect.. Only info or details i found is clerk court public record shows a sell date 6/7/2017 Is that the day they take possession of home? can i file for more time , catch payments up, get help through program Is there any opptions / alternatives for me other then lose my home can I (son of owner) take it over (1st home buyer homestead exp ANYTHING or is it to late already done deal no looking or going back

Asked about 1 month ago in Foreclosure

Geil’s answer: I wouldn't say that it is necessarily too late, but it is really close. You need to go consult with a local attorney immediately to weigh your options and see if there were any technical mistakes that were made. You may want to look into having your mother/father file for a chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop the sale and director the bank to the negotiating table. Good luck.

Answered about 1 month ago.

In real estate transactions, is a certificate of title valid and effectual if it is not recorded in the county records?: In real estate transactions, is a certificate of title valid and effectual in transferring or notification of transferring ownership if it is not recorded in the county records In Florida ? Filed in docket but never recorded in official records or stamped with book and page number.

Asked about 1 month ago in Real Estate

Geil’s answer: Without knowing more, it is tough to say. If the CT was issued recently, there may just be a delay in the CT showing up in the public records. The clerks of court are usually pretty good about making sure that the documents that need to get recorded are sent to recording.
If the CT was never recorded, for some reason, it is still effective- but there may be a problem if a bona fide purchaser somehow steps in. This is pretty unlikely- but I have seen strange things happen in the world of Title in Florida.

Answered about 1 month ago.