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Which form do I file to stop relocation of children if my ex wife did not file a petition to do so?: Do I file a Motion for Contempt/Enforcement or an Objection To Notice Of Intent To Relocate With Children?
My ex wife informed me she is moving out of our prearranged 45 mile radius for my overnights during the week with my kids and she did not seek my agreement or file a petition to relocate.

Asked 3 months ago in Family

Christopher’s answer: You would file a verified objection listing the specific reasons/objections to the proposed relocation which are contrary to the best interests of the children.

Answered 3 months ago.

Divorce when you don't know where the person is and have not had contact?: If a person in Florida was married but separated within 3 months of the marriage, has not had any contact with the individual for 4 years, what is the best way to cancel the marriage? By best, I mean cheapest and quickest way with minimal contact if possible with the person.

Asked 7 months ago in Prenuptials

Christopher’s answer: You have to attempt to serve him personally with the petition at his last known address - if you are unable to do so, you must make a "diligent inquiry" in an effort to discovery his location and file an affidavit testifying as to the nature and extent of your efforts to do so and you can proceed to serve him by publication. If you are not going to retain an attorney to assist you, speak to the family court pro-se specialist in your circuit - they should be able to give you the forms and information that you need to get this done.

Answered 7 months ago.

Can I play lottery in Florida if a convicted felon: Argument with friend

Asked 8 months ago in Criminal Defense

Christopher’s answer: Yes, you can - as long as you are over the age of 18.

Answered 8 months ago.