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DUI in November - have completed DUI School and Evaluation early and able to pay my fines...: when I go to court. I cannot afford a trail. Will completing all this early help me at all?

Asked about 2 years ago in DUI & DWI

Roger’s answer: It will not help you to win your DUI case.
That will require a lawyer with good legal defenses. It will help you to have to do less penalties should you chose to enter a plea bargain in the future on DUI.

Answered about 2 years ago.

Can the Plantiff go after my asset for medical bills over $500k: My son was in an accident a month ago. He made a left turn when the motorcycle going straight had the right of way and they crashed. My son was not cited because the driver was driving fast and did not break, The motorcycle driver was seriously injured and got into the hospital by ambulance. The medical bills are super high and incur over $500,000 now and he is still hospitalized.

I am the co-owner of the car.. Can they go after my assets? I have around $40,000 in my bank account and also IRA? Can they sue my son and me and garnish our wages?

Asked about 2 years ago in Insurance

Roger’s answer: As the co owner you can be sued if your name is on the title of the car with your son. Hopefully you have auto liability insurance coverage to protect you. Your IRA is protected. Your bank and wages can be garnished but Florida is a comparative fault State so if the motorcycle drivers damaged will be reduced for high speed by a percentage of his fault. Your insurance company has adjusters and lawyers to protect you.
You will need a lawyer only if the insurance company advises you to get one. For the future you should never be a co owner on a vehicle with your children.

Answered about 2 years ago.

Hello, I have a question regarding my home. My husband does not want to pay the remaining mortgage. What should I do?: Our house is currently under foreclosure, but I want to avoid this by any means. I want to pay the remaining mortgage with the help of my daughter, however because of the joint ownership with my husband, I am unable to do so. He has hidden all documents and lawyer meetings from me so I do not know what further action to take. My daughter demands that his name be removed before she is to give any money. What should I do? Thank you so much.

Asked about 2 years ago in Foreclosure

Roger’s answer: As far as paying the mortgage goes, the bank will take the money from anyone who wants to pay and you will get credit for that. As far having your husband removed from the deed the only way this can be accomplished is to have him execute a quick claim deed transferring the property to your name only. If he is unwilling to do this, the only other way is pursuant to a divorce the court may order the property to be transferred into your name only or the property can be ordered by the court to be put up for sale and partitioned (split) between you and your husband. To avoid foreclosure, the property can be put up for a short sale and with permission of the bank, your daughter may be able to purchase the property at a discounted price, at which time she will become the owner and the deed can be in her name only.

Answered about 2 years ago.