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How do I get a felony arrest that was dropped and and never prosecuted taken off my employment background check?: I was arrested 3 years ago when I kicked a bedroom door after a verbal fight with my now wife. I felt terrible for what I did to the door, and cleaned up the pieces of wood. I left to cool down and went for a coffee. The noise of the argument caused police to arrive, and since my fiance was the only one here, they saw the door, questioned me upon my return, noticed a piece of small wood in my trunk and charged me with assault with a deadly weapon with concealment. The problem is that my fiance never reported an assault, there were no injuries on her, and she had to go to the DA's to file reports saying so. The incident was dropped, but when I go to look for a job, the "felony arrest" is what shows up on the background check. We both are suffering financially and emotionally bc I cannot find decent work and lost my previous job due to the arrest. Is this legal even though it was never prosecuted? Shouldn't the arrest also be dropped from my background checks bc it was unfounded?

Asked 4 months ago in Expungement

Katerina’s answer: There are couple of possible ways this can be taken care of. it all depends on whether or not you had a withhold on your records or if it was dismissed. In that case you can either expunge or seal your record. I highly recommend hiring an attorney handling Criminal law in your county. Hope this helps.

Answered 4 months ago.

How do I report the change of my address to the ICE?: I live in Miami. I have a Stay of Removal to renew soon, and I have an OSUP appointment on August. I am moving soon. How do I update my new address in the ICE? Do I have to send a special application for this, a simple letter, or it is fine if I report my new address when submitting the renewal of the stay of removal?
I have an asylum case pending in judicial review in the 11th Court, and my daughter has DACA approved. I am trying to do everything in order. Thanks.

Asked 4 months ago in Asylum

Katerina’s answer: There are couple of ways to do so. You can either go to their website and fill out a form or you can contact an Officer you are working with and notify them directly. If you have an attorney, you should let your attorney know so he/she can help you out with this matter as well. Hope this helps.

Answered 4 months ago.

How can i do: Good evening. I have many things that I have acquired outside of marriage. Is there any kind of legal document that my wife can sign by waiving all the rights to my things like cars and money? If I get divorced in the future she will not be entitled to anything. I live in florida thanks.

Asked 4 months ago in Divorce

Katerina’s answer: There are several ways to have it accomplish. If you guys are still married and planning on staying married you can have Prenuptial agreement drafted for you guys by an attorney practicing Family Law in your area. Otherwise, if you guys are definitely getting a divorce then all these things can be discussed in a Marital Settlement Agreement. Hope this helps.

Answered 4 months ago.