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What are my options facing a divorce when I've been a stay at home mother with two small children ? : I have no income, no car. I have every itention to stay civil. Will not keep children from father ever, really dont want to take him to court over child support, want to keep things easy going as much as possible. Planning to attend college this fall. In the mean time however, I don't know what to do until I get steady employment, car, ect. What help can I receive that doesnt involve my husband?

Asked about 1 month ago in Divorce

Woodrow’s answer: I commend you for your positive attitude heading into a difficult situation. Parents should always encourage their children to spend as much time as possible with the other parent. To do anything less than that is to knowingly harm your own children. There is a wealth of scientific research on this subject, but it sounds like you are already ahead of the game.

Your husband should be prepared to assist you with the work of child rearing moving forward. That may mean sharing parenting time with you equally so that you are freed up to pursue employment, it may mean that he pays you some appropriate amount of child support, or it may be a combination of both. This will depend largely on your respective incomes. Make no mistake though - he is going to have to help you one way or another moving forward, as the stay-at-home parent model does not work post-divorce.

The divorce process almost never produces good financial results for either side. The messier it becomes, the worse off you both will be. Your energies are better spent seeking job training, educational financial assistance, and other programs that will assist you to become financially independent. You both need to work together toward a better outcome for all.

Don't rule out mediation/arbitration as a possibility that may help you resolve any differences that may arise. Best of luck to you!

Answered about 1 month ago.

How do I go about collecting unpaid spousal support from Family Court in Westchester, New York. From January 2008 to present. : The Family Court of NY had ordered my Ex-husband to $40.00 per week until my medical condition is cured. (it cannot be cured) about January 2008, he said he had gone to the court to stop a child support payments for one of his many children who turned eighteen that year, and the court inadvertently stopped the payments to me. Because I moved to Georgia and did not notify the court, and had the check delivered to a friend's address in New York. In addition, the shame I had been carrying because I had gotten this decease, I just procrastinated for all these years.

Asked 5 months ago in Alimony

Woodrow’s answer: Your best bet is probably to seek enforcement in the court that entered the order, which you state is in New York. You do not specify in which state your ex-husband currently resides. If he is still in New York, you should definitely hire a New York attorney to handle this for you.

Answered 5 months ago.

I was cited with a violation code 40-6-181, If i pay the fine, how can i avoid points on my license : I was driving home from out of time, and i was pulled over for speeding. The officer falsified the citation.

Asked 5 months ago in Speeding Ticket

Woodrow’s answer: If you were driving 14 or fewer miles per hour over the limit, there would be no points and the offense would not be reported to DDS. If you were driving faster, you may be eligible to plead NOLO, which would keep points off your license, but the offense would still be reported to DDS. If you simply pay the fine without entering a NOLO plea, it will be considered a guilty plea by DDS and DDS will assess points.

Answered 5 months ago.