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Will a drunk driving conviction prevent me from becoming a teacher: conviction in may 2017

Asked 2 months ago in Licensing

Zebulon’s answer: You have received excellent advice from Attorney Morris with which I agree. You will only know if you inquire with the local teacher licensing and required certification authorities and then take any steps necessary they may permit. Good Luck.

Answered 2 months ago.

I have some 6 or 7 year old fines that i owe, I went to set up payments and was told 1400.00 cash first then payments.: I have since then, had three strokes, a heart pump, and finally a heart transplant. As I have lived thru all of this I understand the fines must be paid. I am of course disabled and on ssi income. I recieve 1332.00 per mo. to live on now. Is it possible for the court to waive the 1440.00 down payment, and allow me to begin make payments, and release the hold on my drivers license. So I can get my license
back. I live in a very rural area with no taxi or bus service. So I need to clear my license for health and survival. it is 10 miles to the closest town.

Asked 2 months ago in State & Local Law

Zebulon’s answer: Based on your disabilities you should reach out to your Legal Aid Services of Oregon perhaps and see what they suggest. They may be able to pair you up with a local volunteer to help you apply for some type of financial reconsideration. Good Luck in your difficult situation.

Answered 2 months ago.

When can you sue a bank because of the actions of a teller?: When I am depositing cash under $2k or under, some ask me "If I bought or sold something;" or one questioned if I am "not working," and other questions that seem intrusive or annoying; as a result, I began to wonder if bank tellers can subtly make comments because they used to only reflect conversation when the client does. Am I correct to assume they would need to lie, steal, assault or batter a customer etc. before you can take legal action?

Asked 2 months ago in Banking

Zebulon’s answer: It would be hard to prove but your only grounds might be harassment, but they would have to much more to be harassing you. As suggested you might submit a written complaint to a manager or take your business to a different bank.

Answered 2 months ago.