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Do I have to return to work after being on short term disability?: I'm currently out of work on short term disability and FMLA. I just had surgery. How ever, I would like to change my profession. How long do i have to work before I resign once I return.

Asked 3 days ago in Workers Compensation

Nathan’s answer: Can't tell from this question if your disabling condition is work-related. If you had an injury on the job which took you out of work, set a meeting with a workers' comp lawyer (there are a bunch of us on this site). Of the various questions you will need to address, one is: "why are you not getting workers' comp? (in addition to STD, etc.)". If this is not a work related condition/injury, you may want to post your question on the employment law list to get further insight on the FMLA considerations. As to the short term disability, it is a private insurance policy and will be dictated by the terms of the policy. It doesn't have to impact your future employment decisions, though the payments will stop when you go back to work. Good luck.

Answered 2 days ago.

I have 2 claims, my back,and my knee.I'm not going back .they are going for one l settlement. How much will I get or should get?: I hurt my knee cleang mold wonder a dish washer at work. After that I hurt my back moving a bicke in a tight area with Little room.

Asked 17 days ago in Workers Compensation

Nathan’s answer: Reach out to one of the good workers comp lawyers on this site. You'll need one to get an answer to your question and get the most money on your claim. You can contact any of us through AVVO, by phone or email. Good luck. -Nathan

Answered 10 days ago.

What is the minimum pay for a settlement with a back injury, being out of work 2 months on workers comp.: Fell at work and injuried my lower back and left shoulder.

Asked 2 months ago in Workers Compensation

Nathan’s answer: There is no set amount for settlement of any claim. Your case value will depend on a variety of things like your wage rate, the severity of the back injury, etc. If you are serious about wanting to settle your case, call a workers' comp lawyer and schedule a sit-down to review your case. Good luck.

Answered 2 months ago.