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How do I get my 2 siblings off the deed to my mothers house?: My mother is deceased and she left the house to the 3 of us. I live there. My 2 siblings want nothing to do with the house, unfortunately we may loose it to foreclosure. They don't want to help me get a postponement and they don't want to sell it, how can I or is there any way i can have them take their names off? Time is of the essence!

Asked about 2 years ago in Probate

Steven’s answer: If they both want off title they can sign quitclaim deeds that will make you sole owner. That can be done in a few hours if they agree.

Answered about 2 years ago.

Person has been residing in unit since Sept. 2014. How much time and how much money do I have to pay her to get her out?: Person rented a bedroom with bath usage in a one bedroom apt from previous tenant who moved out in October 2014 owing landlady over $2,000. Person living there now had no lease with landlord but,
unfortunately, collected rent from her in November and December- not knowing the law.

Asked over 2 years ago in Landlord & Tenant

Steven’s answer: They have a month to month tenancy. The unlawful detainer law requires 30 day notice to terminate this tenancy as it is less than one year. After 30 days you can file an unlawful detainer in small claims court. Forms are available online. The whole process can be handled on your own. Most small claims courts have advice available online and some courthouses have advisers to help with process.

Answered over 2 years ago.

What are the legal risks of allowing unlicensed contractors to perform work on my property?: I am in the process of interviewing and getting quotes from several businesses that do tree-trimming/shrubbery removal, etc., and so far, the guys who have given me quotes are not licensed contractors. While they are providing quotes under the $500 limit, they have indicated that they intend to bring along one or more "employees" to assist them in doing the work.
As a property owner, how do I know if I am at risk of being sued if either the business owner or his "employees" get injured while doing this work for me?
Does it matter if the "employees" are not actual employees? I suspect that they are not.
I asked them if they carry Worker's Comp insurance for their "employees" and they all said "no", and one of them even offered to sign a waiver to protect me.
Is this even legal?

Asked over 2 years ago in Construction

Steven’s answer: Unlicensed contractors are not required to be bonded or insured. You are liable for workers' injuries as they are deemed your employees. This liability cannot be waived. Tree trimming is dangerous and there have been cases of electrocution or limbs falling and causing damage. Use a licensed company, even if costs under $500.

Answered over 2 years ago.