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Will I face jail time or any type of trouble : I am 20 years old and I'm the military. I'm stationed in North Carolina. I had sexual relations with a girl who is 17 she is claiming she is pregnant but I have not seen any proof out side of a picture of a pregnancy test. I have asked for a DNA test and she is threatening to get me thrown in jail because her father is a higher ranking officer. I would like to know what the legal ramifications could or would be if this goes to court ?

Asked about 23 hours ago in Military Law

Christopher’s answer: The age of consent in NC is 16, so it appears you would not be on the hook for any serious sexual offenses for having relations with her.

Answered about 20 hours ago.

Limitations on DUI?: I have a friend that had a DUI 10 years ago he was wondering would the steps be the same in him trying to acquire his licenses as 10 years ago. Or are there a statue of limitation on it.

Asked about 22 hours ago in DUI & DWI

Christopher’s answer: If your friend was convicted of the DWI, then the process to get his license back is still the same as it was after the end of the original suspension period. The passage of time does not wipe out any of the DMV requirements for reinstatement.

Answered about 20 hours ago.

How can I get my class H felony reduced to a misdemeanor?: Hi I had been convicted of a Class H felony back in 2007 which is identity fraud I done my probation and paid the person back their money it was a dumb decision I made that effect me a lot I also caught another charge in 2011 not as serious just a misdemeanor I had a son since then and was in cosmetology school but my felony held me back from completing this and I had to drop out I'm trying to continue my life long dream of doing hair or get any type of job so I can provide for my Little family... What can be done about this?? Thank you

Asked about 22 hours ago in Criminal Defense

Christopher’s answer: Unfortunately, if you have already finished your case and pleaded to a felony, it is too late to have it reduced to something less serious now. At this point, I can see two possible avenues of relief from this conviction, but neither is likely to result in an immediate solution.

First, you can file a Motion for Appropriate Relief to try to undo you conviction. This, if granted, sets aside your plea and conviction and reinstates all the charges against you so you can try to do something else. There are some problems with this. Having your case reinstated does not necessarily mean that you will get a better outcome this time, it could actually turn out worse. But more importantly, the grounds for a MAR are pretty narrow, in that you must allege some sort of Constitutional problem with your case that was not known back when it was pleaded and could not have been discovered. These are rare.

Second, you can file for an expunction of the conviction which would remove it from your record. However there are some eligibility requirements, and one of them is that it has been at least 15 years since your conviction. So it appears that you will have to wait about 5 more years before you can file for that.

Answered about 20 hours ago.