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Can I leave my home at 16??: My mother is a horrible mother to me, she torments me, my sister is her favorite child (she favors my sister the most) , she still associates and lets my brothers father come into my home unannounced and when shes not there (he tried to rape me as a child) , she drinks everyday, she curses too much, we fight (physically & verbally) she told me to get out her home and i left, and I went to love with my boyfriend, and she tried to get police involved and asked me to come back. I came back and we dealt with DSS and Im trying so hard to leave. She is an absolutely terrible excuse for a mother, could this be a legitimate way to get out the house ?

Asked over 1 year ago in Family

Kirk’s answer: A good bog was just posted about this very topic. You might check it out: http://civil.sog.unc.edu/juvenile-emancipations...

Answered over 1 year ago.

Will we get the emergency custody order the day we go the court house and fill it out sign it by the notary file with clerk?: Me and my Fiancé have custody of my Step Son. We have always been the One's that have soely provided for him. Even when she was getting him for 3 nights. She has threatened to take him and us never see him again. She is on drugs, been making and selling them. Been caught for all of it, been in prison and jail for it. Has charges for theft, child abuse, gun charge and her a felon. She has two kids that have been in adoption. Due to drug abuse, place, person she lives with, things they do, environment, she has no way to support him. She is is in no shape to be in his life. She has come to our home and has been so messed up she passes out and never wakes up, askes what's wrong with her, comes only at night. Shot out of jail end of August, shooting up drugs in 4 days and kicked out of her home within 5-6 days. We had to call the law on her with-in 1 1/2 she came to the house so messed up acting crazy.

Asked over 1 year ago in Child Custody

Kirk’s answer: On the facts described here, a judge may award emergency custody. However, the requirements of the documents you must file with the court are very technical, and I am not aware of a form document for emergency custody available from the clerk's office. If you have not already, you may want to consult with a local attorney who can advise you on the local practice in your county and the specific language you will need to use in your court filing.

Answered over 1 year ago.

What are the laws regarding retaliation from a contractor of an employer?: I worked for a company (employer) that had a contract to complete work for another company (contractor). I filed a complaint against a manager employed by the contractor, an HR employee of the contractor began an investigation against that manager, and I was discharged by my employer only days before the "retirement" of the manager that I filed the complaint on. Prior to being discharged, employees of the contractor created a hostile environment, withheld important information and access to various computer programs that prohibited me from completing job requirements, created untrue claims of misconduct and displayed forms of harassment related to the work I was asked to complete. My employer was angry that I filed the complaint. Legally, is there anything that I can do?

Asked about 2 years ago in Employment

Kirk’s answer: If the person or persons who created the hostile work environment were motivated by animosity toward you being a certain race, sex, religion, for example, you may have an actionable case. Consult with an employment attorney soon. There are short limits on your time to file. You can use the Find A Lawyer feature here on Avvo.

Answered about 2 years ago.