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How can I be charged with grand larceny by accidently picking up someone elses cell phone at a bank & putting it in my pocket?: The first time I went to trial it was Noelle prosecute. Now they have a direct indictment. When I realized it wasn't my phone, I looked up the owner on Facebook & wrote her a mesg because the phone was locked. I had no intention of stealing phone. I put phone in glove box to return it to the bank, but forgot about it. The phone never rang. The bank never called me.

Asked 1 day ago in Criminal Defense

Mark’s answer: Police = arrest. Prosecutors = seek a conviction.

You need to retain a lawyer - - you are facing a felony, with dire consequences! good luck!

Answered 1 day ago.

Why would my wife change her business registered agent name on her business a year ago when we started talking about divorce? :
My wife and I started a business together and money ran from her fathers business to hers. About a year ago we would argue why I would not get paid, I worked the business by my self and never got a pay check. We had a big argument about this and I started talking about divorce. I found a document on the Scorp website. Her business registered agent name was her maiden name for 10 years of our marriage, right after that fight she changed the registered agent name to her married name. I also found loans, that I did not know about that had my name on them that I did not sign for personal loans as well as her business with me as co signer. When these loans were taken out I had no paycheck, and even our marital home was not in my name. In 2012 We took out a refinance loan and I only agreed to do so if my name was put on the marital home. I found out about a year ago that I actually signed gifting her the home, she said this was a clerical error done at the lawyers office. Its been a lot to take in.

Asked 2 days ago in Divorce

Mark’s answer: As you have figured out, it looks like your wife has taken a series of steps which indicate she is "setting up" a change - to your detriment. The deed to the house is easily fixable, but you might consult with a domestic relations attorney (the AVVO find a lawyer feature is helpful) to discuss how to protect yourself for what may be coming. Good luck!

Answered 2 days ago.

Can I appeal the curcuit court decision ?: I won my case at the general court but I lost the case at the curcuit court. Can I appeal the curcuit court decision ?

Asked 2 days ago in Appeals

Mark’s answer: Yes - you can appeal the circuit court judgment to the appropriate court (Virginia Court of Appeals or Supreme Court of Virginia) but know this - by statute either party has an appeal of right to the circuit court from the general district court. When you appeal a civil case FROM the circuit court, only a few types of cases are by RIGHT. Most appeals from circuit court require that higher court to GRANT, or give permission for the appeal to proceed! Only a very few cases have appeals allowed. In addition, there is a maze of procedures, details and other roadblocks to getting to the courts of appeal and most folks, even lawyers, have trouble doing them. Finally, most appeals end up with the circuit court judge being affirmed - which means that his/her decision is upheld. Good luck!

Answered 2 days ago.