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Is it legal for a McDonald's Manager to refuse me customer service, even though the policy she stated, doesnt exist?: On my way home from work, I stopped by McDonald's Drive-Thru to place an order. When I told the girl I had 5 meals to order, she said there was a 2 meal minimum order. I mentioned I had never heard of such a thing and that I had always ordered more than 2 meals every time I go there. They insisted that I come inside to place the order. So I did. I asked for the Manager who proceeded to tell me that they had a 2 minimum order. I asked her to show me the policy cuz it was not posted outside or inside. She rudely started to tell me that it was a McDonald's policy. I told her that I had never heard of that and that I would contact McD HQ to find out. I called McD HQ and told them about my experience. The email I received from them was there is NO SUCH Policy!

Asked about 4 years ago in Lawsuits & Disputes

Mark’s answer: Is this legal? Yes. Companies can set their own policies so long as they do not discriminate or violate a law. There is no basis for a claim here, based on the information provided. While you may disagree with this policy, the person in line behind you probably is not.

Answered about 4 years ago.

What happens if you visit your old high school and are stopped by a school resource officer or safety assistant?: If you are visiting your old high school to see a friend,teacher, or simply visit for old time sake what are the consequences if you do not have a visitors pass sticker on your chest?
Will the school resource officer or safety assistant give you a verbal warning or charge you with trespassing even if your intent is harmless. If you are charged or given a ticket will it be just a fine or something that will show up on your personal record?

Asked over 4 years ago in Education

Mark’s answer: You have no right to be on a school's grounds without permission. In Fairfax, there are very clear signs that provide notice of this policy. If you are there for a legitimate purpose, you can easily get a visitor pass. If you are there after school hours, the policy is rarely enforced bc there are a lot of parents and non students inside the school and on school grounds. "Resource Officers" are Fairfax County police officers. No one can say what a RO will do in a specific case with a particular person. You would be very foolish to test this policy.

Answered over 4 years ago.

Speeding ticket. Can I get it dismissed by going to driving school instead?: Its been a little over a year since my last ticket, which was a failure to follow road signs I believe (crossed solid white lines). To be exact, it was on black friday of 2011, so about a year and 5 months ago. During that time I was required to attend a driving class to keep the points off my license, I was only 18 or 19 at the time, but am currently 20. Can I take the class again to keep the points off? My biggest concern is the points on my license, I really want to prevent my insurance from increasing.

Asked over 4 years ago in Speeding Ticket

Mark’s answer: You need to go to the DMV and ask them to provide you with your traffic record. That will provide a starting point.

In most cases, the insurance consequences of a ticket are not related to the DMV points. The insurance company rates you based on the number and types of infractions, so going to traffic school again may not help.

DMV points are assessed separately from the court process. In most cases, when a person is convicted, that is reported to the DMV which assesses points, depending on the specific infraction. (Not all infractions result in points. Not all infractions end up on your DMV record. It depends, which is why I advise you to get your record.) Traffic school does not clear your record. It simply adds points back to your total. My understanding is that you can only get + points from traffic school once every two years. The Virginia DMV has a good website that explains all this. Look under "Demerit Points"

As for the most recent ticket, no, you cannot get a speeding ticket dismissed by going to driving school instead. It is possible that you can arrange a deal of some sort at court, but it depends on the specific case and the county where the ticket was issued. If the speeding was more than 20 miles over the limit or was over 80 mph, then you may have been charged with reckless driving and not speeding and you should contact a lawyer ASAP.

Answered over 4 years ago.