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Can I sue my employer if during workmens comp they suspend me under dubious circumstances : I am a salaried FT chef and have filed workmans comp but was allowed to return for "light duties" but was suspended indefinitely today under dubious circ. just as we approached a very light season when reduced hours are the company norm. Is this workmens comp purely as its a "suspension" I feel the company brought me back to do all of the heavy volume work disregarding the light duties required and then concocted a reason to suspend when business was light

Asked about 9 hours ago in Workers Compensation

Andrew’s answer: Unfortunately this is sometimes how employers react to workers comp claims. There is the potential for a claim under the ada but also further benefits are available through workers comp. Contact a Maryland comp attorney asap. Consults are always free and representation is contingent on recovery.

Answered about 9 hours ago.

Can I be compensated for burns to face due to workers carelessness?: I am a cook at a moose Lodge. Went to work and a gas and fire company was working on equipment. Lit flat top grill but never checked it. I go to light grill not knowing they hadn't checked it and flamed burst out about 4 ft. My hair and face were burned, no eyelashes and eyebrows. Contacted company and they are not responding to the pictures and email

Asked 3 months ago in Workers Compensation

Andrew’s answer: Based on the info you have provided it Sounds like you will be entitled to compensation under workers.

Most importantly there may be some liability on the gas company which could also lead to compensation from a liability lawsuit.

Contact a Maryland work injury attorney that is also familiar with third party liability cases/ negligence cases so that all avenues of recovery can be explored.

Good luck!

Answered 3 months ago.

Can I sue my employer?: I'm a 62 year old woman who fell off an 8 foot ladder at work. I was not being spotted or assisted. I suffered a concussion, 2 dislodged teeth, herniated disc in my neck, fractured knuckle and had a 4 inch gash on my forehead that required stitches. What legal action should I pursue?

Asked 3 months ago in Workers Compensation

Andrew’s answer: It sounds like you have sustained very serious injuries. A herniated disc is something that should be taken seriously and your employer should be held accountable. I am a Maryland workers compensation attorney and if the place of accident was in Delaware the laws may be different a bit. In Maryland you would be able to file a workers compensation claim, get medical treatment paid, obtain lost wages, and recover money for any permanent issues that you may have.
Like the other attorney recommend, I would say your best option is to start contacting workers comp attorneys in the state where the accident took place. Good Luck!

Answered 3 months ago.