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I got an offer from new Employer C.My H1B transfer in process with Emplr B from Emplr A.Can I doH1B transnfer with EmpB receipt : I got a better offer from new Employer C.I recently moved to Employer B and my H1B transfer in process from Employer A.Can I do another H1B transnfer with Employer B H1B receipt to Employer C..?

Asked about 3 hours ago in Immigration

Nancy’s answer: I think this is an immigration question, not a franchise question. I have designated it as such so someone in that area of law might assist you.

Answered about 2 hours ago.

WWanted to know how much it costs to keep a lawyer on re trainer year round just in case the need for any legal services : Wanted to know how much it costs to keep a lawyer on retainer for real estate business criminal or just any legal advice

Asked 1 day ago in Business

Nancy’s answer: That really depends on the attorney and where you are located. Prices of attorneys vary by area (for example, typically an attorney in a major city will charge higher than an attorney that is in a rural area). It also depends on the nature of the calls and area of practice. I highly doubt any attorney will publicize their rates in this forum.

Good luck.

Answered 1 day ago.

Can a criminal defendant put up bail for a co-defendant?: A friend of mine is a defendant in a criminal case. She wants to bail out her co-defendant==but fears that might be illegal.

Asked 3 days ago in Criminal Defense

Nancy’s answer: This is not a franchise question. This is a criminal law question. I have changed the area of practice for you.

Answered 3 days ago.