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What do I do now? A city garbage truck hit my parked van.: Well on Saturday, a city garbage truck hit my parked van and really damaged the rear quarter panel and took off my taillight completely. There luckily was a neighbor who witnessed the whole thing, and left a note telling me what time it happened and what truck number it was and gave his info as well. I filed a police report right away, but I'm just not sure where to go from here.. my van is no longer drivable, (the battery died for some reason or a fuse blew not sure) and my family needs this vehicle to transport kids to and from school, etc. How exactly do I go about getting the city to pay for this along with a rental vehicle until the works done? Will I have to pay a deductable? How long can this go on? Do they have cameras on the trucks?

Asked 1 day ago in Car Accident

Thomas’s answer: Luckily no one was hurt. You can file a claim and a case in small claims. Good luck

Answered about 20 hours ago.

What can I do about this charge? What are my options?: Hello,

This is my first time being charged with a crime. I was in my car with my friend at a park. There was less than a gram of marijuana in the car and a roach (end of blunt smoked containing some marijuana). A cop car pulled up behind us pretty quickly and a cop got out fast and knocked on my window. My friend had put the small bag of marijuana in his sock and the blunt was left in the center console. We both said the marijuana and blunt was ours to the officer. We were both charged with "Poss of Marijuana" & "Use/Poss of Drug Paraph" labeled as "D-Misdemeanor No Extradition". Please help me with this charge.

Thank you.

Asked 1 day ago in Criminal Defense

Thomas’s answer: There would be a question of whether the officer had probable cause or reasonable suspicion to search your car and you and your friend.

Answered about 23 hours ago.

My son was pulled over and arrested for possession of 10 grams of marijuana : My son rolled a stop sign and was pulled over by a Clifton Heights cop in PA. The cop could smell marijuana and asked my son if he had any and he said yes. The cop got the marijuana and arrested my son. He was released the same day but they confiscated his phone and money and car. We can pick up the car but the police still have his phone and money.

Asked about 23 hours ago in Criminal Defense

Thomas’s answer: Yes they may be keeping that for evidence. He will likely receive charges in the mail. He needs help.

Answered about 23 hours ago.