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Can i ask a tenant for more then 30 days notice on a MTM lease? : IN PA, Im a Landlord, My original lease to the tenant was 1 year with a MTM if the tenant didn't sign an extension or new lease. In retrospect , probably should not have had a MTM and forced a longer term commitment. I'm relatively ok with it, they pay the rent and I don't have complaints, but i would like more notice. They want MTM but agreed to extend for 6 months. I'm working on an addendum to the lease for 6 months but after the six month would like either a six month extension or 60 days on MTM. Can I penalize if the 60 day notice is not given? Charge 1 month rent as a fee?

Asked 7 days ago in Landlord & Tenant

Scott’s answer: You have a written Lease and are contemplating an Addendum. You reference certain existing Lease terms, but there may be other relevant terms . In my experience, you would do well to have an attorney review your lease and not make certain assumptions about what is says or doesn't say. Of course, generally, a lease or addendum may specify any notice period to which the parties agree.

Answered 4 days ago.

Can I withhold my rent: Can I withhold my rent. Most times whenever repairs need to be done the landlord is slow or I have to call repeatedly. This time there is a leak in the ceiling I told him about it the very next day the ceiling fell it is downstairs right in front of the steps. I live on the second floor of a duplex. It is now 1 week and I've told him twice it's the pipes above and it's still not fixed. Over a year ago I told him we have squirrels in the attic and they have pooped all over still not fixed. Broken refrigerator I put Velcro to keep doors shut still not fixed

Asked 17 days ago in Landlord & Tenant

Scott’s answer: Ms. Margolies is correct. Bear in mind that rent is not simply withheld, but must be paid into an escrow account. There may also be certain circumstances when you can undertake the repairs yourself and then deduct the costs from rent. Finally, contacting your local municipality (code enforcement) regarding these issues may prove helpful.

Answered 16 days ago.

Pennsylvania, are landlords required to do general upkeep, replace carpet, painting, normal wear and tear? : I have lived in my apartment for 10 years. I am an excellent tenant, always pay on time, ask little, and I take pride in my home During the time I have lived here I have had minimal problems or repairs. However they have, not made any improvements either, they have never repainted the place, the carpet has never been replaced (it was not new when I moved in), The kitchen floor has linoleum and there is some lifting and separation between the seams, the tile in the bathroom is starting to come off the wall and the grout needs to be redone. There was a leak in the bedroom and the ceiling was never repainted but the leak was fixed. I feel if I were to move they would have to replace all the things I mentioned plus more. And yes they do increase my rent every other year so my rent is comparable to other rental properties in the area. Thank you for your help

Asked 16 days ago in Landlord & Tenant

Scott’s answer: This is a common question. First, I would need to review your lease and any renewals to see if there is mention of these items, including who is responsible for their maintenance and upkeep. Generally, the lifting of kitchen linoleum and bathroom tiles suggest repair items for which a landlord is typically responsible; the replacement of aging worn carpet perhaps not so much.
I suggest you consult a local attorney to review your lease and advise. Even if these items are not clearly mentioned in your lease, perhaps some negotiation would be prudent,

Answered 16 days ago.