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How can I do to have him to correct the problem for me without additional cost?: I hired the licensed contractor to install the furnance for me and he did not tell me to pull the permit. As the result, city came down and did the inspection. The furnace did not meet the city code compliance, but I already paid him in full. How can I do to have him to correct the problem for me without additional cost? what happens with his license if he keep doing the work which not meeting the city code compliance?

Thanks much for your help.

Asked almost 7 years ago in Contracts

Cameron’s answer: You can sue him for damages and a refund of your money and get someone else to correct the problem. However, the court will not order him to correct the problem. The court will only award you monetary damages against him.

Answered almost 7 years ago.

Home foreclosed after HAMP requested,: 55 days ago requested HAMP to my mortgage company, 10 days ago home sold in foreclosure sale, 9 days ago (1 day after foreclosure sale) Mortgage company sent letter advising they received my request and would not foreclose while in the (HAMP) loan mod process.

Asked almost 7 years ago in Foreclosure

Cameron’s answer: What's the question? Unfortunately, this happens all the time. You can sue for damages but it is extremely difficult to keep possession of your home during the lawsuit.

Answered almost 7 years ago.

Health insurance for my spouse and child..what document from the health provider does the court need to get?: I tried seeking bifurcation but the court ask me to give them a copy or document from the health insurance to prove that my spouse and child is under it.I tried seeking any document from DEERS & TRICARE but they had not cooperatively given me anything.I dont know what actions to do to make them be oblige to address my concern. Do I need to get an order from the court telling them to furnish a copy of the needed document?My spouse and child has an ID card they use when they need to visit a hospital, but I guess there is more to just a military ID card that the court need.

Asked almost 7 years ago in Child Support

Cameron’s answer: What do you mean that you tried seeking bifurcation? what exactly are you trying to accomplish? Generally, if an action has been filed, you can serve a subpoena for business records to obtain the documents requested.

Answered almost 7 years ago.