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My question is. Is there anything else I can do?: This week. I had a motion of reconsideration hearing at the orphans court. My lawyer had sent copies to the parties involved. But they never showed up it was just me and my lawyer so the judge let us proceed then yesterday the judge dismissed the exceptions. This is involved my father who have alzheimer's

Asked about 1 year ago in Family

Samuel’s answer: Of course you should discuss the current status of your case with your lawyer. He will certainly advise that additional action can be taken. An appeal will be available, your lawyer will discuss the pros and cons and the cost associated with such action. Best wishes.

Answered about 1 year ago.

ARD PROGRAM AND COURT COSTS? WHICH IS MORE IMPORTANT TO PAY TO AVOID JAIL TIME?: I was told that ARD may cost $2500.00 is this cost seperate from Court Costs? If so how much are court costs....Which is the most important to get paid off first to avoid Jail?

Asked about 3 years ago in Speeding Ticket

Samuel’s answer: It is difficult to tell from your question how the money you were quoted was to be applied: was it the lawyers fee? Was it the costs of the program? ARD is a program that allows participants to avoid jail time. All costs and fees in most counties throughout Pennsylvania may be paid over the length of the program, usually between 6 and 12 months. All costs and fees are important. Consult with an attorney.

Answered about 3 years ago.

Divorce question. Is it illegal to video a spouse's actions if they are aware?: Its that simple. She follows me around the house to pester me but when I ask a question she walks away and I let her go. It really makes me sad that the only way to give the kids a peaceful environment is divorce her? She never went after the two girls father for child support because she filed a personal protection against him and she didn't want him knowing where she lived. Some one I worked with had a family member going through a similar situation and claimed the courthouse(county) wouldn't tell him where she lived. But we have never got a dime for the kids but she expects me to pay child support despite the fact that my parents buy all the children(we have one together) things they need. Summer vacation to the beach, very nice dressers, etc. While her dad drives a BMW but doesn't help

Asked about 3 years ago in Privacy

Samuel’s answer: People are subject to video recordings on a daily basis. Video cameras are everywhere. Adding voice could possibly invoke the Pa. Wiretapping Law, if the party being recorded doesn't consent. As a practical matter it seems silly to videotape your spouse. To what end? What will it accomplish? if your relationship has come to that point perhaps it is time to move forward-without a camera.

Answered about 3 years ago.