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I filed asylum with my husband but while case was pending I took voluntary departure so can I apply for visa again ? : Things changed to our favor so We came back and went to embassy in home country , counselor wrote canceled on our visas and said we can apply again but this 1 is not valid anymore . My family was against my marriage so we did runaway marriage and started new life in USA but later they accepted it and asked us to come back so we couldn't wait and just decided to come back . We don't have any plans to do this again and not even planning to travel but want to get visa again bcos the way we have lost it we feel bad about it . But I am not sure if we are going to get it or not again . If there was a bar , counselor could have told us at that time only , but again i am not sure how does it work . Pls suggest what can I do or if I apply is there a chance to get it again . When we came back to our country , in next 2 days I visited USA embassy in my home town . We got married again in our country now and staying happily together ..

Asked about 9 hours ago in Immigration

Thomas’s answer: You can always try. You explanation needs to be clear and concise. what you put into your question rambles a bit. good luck.you return might be problematic if you accumulated more than six months of unlawful presence

Answered about 7 hours ago.

My Petition current status is as follows: Department of State Sent Case to USCIS For Review?: My Petition got approved (This is my first H1B) and attended for VISA Interview, 221G as AP was issued and now the status of my petition changed to "Department of State Sent Case to USCIS For Review". What are the chances of getting position feedback. If my current employer withdraw my current application, can i transfer my petition to new employer and again go for stamping? Please specify any other options.
Thank you in advance.

Asked about 16 hours ago in Immigration

Thomas’s answer: Uh Oh! I think that there is a problem with your case. You are best off figuring out what went wrong because if the focus is on something that yo did, they you will have over come that issue. Same for the employer. You have to resolve any issue

Answered about 7 hours ago.

Can I use someone with Residency status as a Sponsor in filing form I-864 for my spouse?: I am filing for change of status for my spouse, please can someone who has a residency status and working with tax returns sponsor by filing I-864 for my spouse.

Asked about 8 hours ago in Immigration

Thomas’s answer: Yes, of course you can as long as their income gets you over the 125% of the poverty line guideline.

Answered about 7 hours ago.