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Will immigration find criminal record if crime was committed in another country ?: Hello there my husband is a US Citizen and I just found out that his name is listed under a website which has his name under scammers in another country where he grew up I asked him if he has anything to do with it he said no it must be someon else with same name I believe him. However he has petitioned for me to get my green card if they do a background check on him will immigration find him in that website and how will that affect our case am shocked and just confused right now

Asked 7 days ago in Immigration

Dena’s answer: Just because the names are the same does not mean it is your spouse. And like the prior colleague stated, DHS generally goes by convictions/criminal record/FBI database information, not just a name on a website.

Answered 6 days ago.

What are the chances for I-751 interview?: Hi! My husband and I filed our I-751 jointly in mid-Nov 2016. We filed our joint tax, joint leases, joint bank statements, joint health insurance, receipt for diamond ring, a couple joint flight tickets for trips we've taken in 2 years, and photos taken during trips and with friends.

Just wondering what % of joint cases are asked for interviews and what are our chances of being called to an interview.

Thank you!

Asked 7 days ago in Immigration

Dena’s answer: In my experience, I would say that interviews for removal of conditions on GC occur less often than having an interview scheduled. It is not unusual that you have not heard back since filing in Nov 2016, which is less than 1 year ago. Continue to gather all forms of evidence of your relationship and marriage in the event you are called in to an interview, which is always possible.

Answered 6 days ago.

The Impact of an Asylee's Application for Medicaid on Greencard/Citizenship Eligibility: Hello, I have been approved asylum earlier this year and can apply for green card next year. I am leaving my job and going to school soon, which means I will also lose my current insurance from my employer. I am considering to apply for Medicaid, but don't know whether this would negatively impact my green card and citizenship eligibility in the future. I hope I can get a definitive answer before putting myself in jeopardy. Thank you!

Asked 8 days ago in Immigration

Dena’s answer: Being that you were approved for a green card through asylum status, you do not have a "sponsor" that would have to ensure you do not become a public charge to the government, and can obtain benefits if needed/you qualify. If you do obtain such benefits, you would need to accurately answer such questions on any future naturalization application, but this should not be an issue because you obtained PR status based on a grant of asylum.

Answered 7 days ago.