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Where do I go from here.: sorry about the unfinished last question. sons father verbally agreed to one thing than took me to court fro custody, said i smoked marijuanna and got temporary. i got weekends. than a year or so later my now Ex bf stole my son and my car when I went in the store because he was running from police. CPS was called and my prior weekends diminished to once a week for 3 hours...supervised I have changed my circumstances and 5 years after losing custody I have gotten more visitation but it is not enough and my son doesn't live with his father who was granted custody but with the grandparents. I have owned up to my past mistakes and situations and changed my life around in my sons name. my sons father is controlling and arrogant and has fought me every step of the way until I finally have weekends. every other weekend that is because he is also a weekend parent but treats me like scum. I just feel its not right that I want my son but he isn't living with either parent. what steps should I take? I just want more time but my sons father gives me the bare minimum. how can I get joint custody? what should I do in order to prove myself. ive completed parenting and drug assesments

Asked 3 months ago in Child Custody

Harvey’s answer: I am glad that your situation has improved, and you look to be more involved in your child's life. You neglected to comment on your son's situation with his grandparents, which is a major issue-is he doing well there? What grade is he in? What school district are they in, relative to you? Schedule a time to meet with an experienced family law attorney in your area. Bring all the court orders you have with you to the consultation. Good luck!

Answered 3 months ago.

Can i move out of state with the child if the other parent has done so already and has been gone for 6month?: My daughters father has move out of state and refuse to give me his address. He stop seeing her at the end of August and told me he was moving to maryland. He than came on Christmas seen her for 3 days than left. We set a time for him to call but refuses to call her. I have a petition in family court to move but Im afraid because i don't have address for him because he refuse to hand it over. So if the court throws that petition out can i still leave state?

Asked 4 months ago in Child Custody

Harvey’s answer: I would concentrate on having him served. There are several ways to get his address. Computer searches can be fast, inexpensive, and productive. You can pay a private investigator too. You could try contacting the post office if he left a change of address within 6 months.

If you don't serve him, just move and hope for the best, you could be ok if he does not bring the matter to court within the next several months, but that can be nerve racking.

Once you serve him and are in court, if he has relocated a long distance away, you will likely be in good shape, as he has not been exercising regular visitation. He could however, file for custody himself, since the children will now need to go to a new school district if you both relocate. Meet with an experienced family attorney in your area to discuss your case in more detail.

Good luck!

Answered 4 months ago.

Is it acceptable for a parent to send his girlfriend to counseling appointments with a child?: My 17 y.o daughter, who I have had physical custody of since my separation 3 1/2 years ago, decided to move to her dad's. Now he is trying to get physical custody and so I have stopped taking her to her appointments such as mental health counseling (she has bipolar disorder). I want him to realize how much is involved in taking care of her. He is sending his gf to her counseling appointments and I told him that HE is responsible for this, not her. If he can't handle it, then I expect her to come home. And since I have physical custody, I want to have her here, where I can meet her needs.

Do I have grounds for saying that HE has to take care of these appointments himself?

Asked 5 months ago in Child Custody

Harvey’s answer: It is unclear why your daughter is in counseling, and so it is difficult to address your question. If the therapist believes it is inappropriate for your daughter to be brought to sessions by a non parent, then I assume that person will address it. Depending upon how long you have allowed your daughter to live at her father's home, you may not be able to get your daughter back.

Schedule a consultation to meet with an experienced family law attorney in your area, to discuss how best to proceed. Bring all current Court Orders with you to the consult. Good luck.

Answered 5 months ago.