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EOIR29 pending for several months with. K update. Advice on starting i130 petition all over agai. : I am us citizen and applied i130 for wife and step child over 2 years ago. Wife's application was initionally approved by uscis and nvc and she went for interview and everything went fine except for co sponsor which I resubmitted. Few months later we found out it was being sent back to uscis for intent to deny because her previous marriage was not properly divorced by Bangladeshi court when we got married. She was not aware of this process, she had thought it was finalized according to customs which was with witnesses and written affidavit between the 2 families without court intervention. After we received the intent to deny, she had gone to the Bangladesh court to get divorce registered with the court and obtained the divorce ceritficate. Uscis denied the case with option to appeal because they said she was not free to marry at the time she got married to me. We appealed the decision. We submitted EOIR29 for my step daughter which has been 5 months and my wife which has been 2 months now with no update except that it is processing. We are thinking of just reregistering our marriage and filing i130 all over again. Would we have to divorce first?

Asked 7 months ago in Immigration

Paul’s answer: I've changed the practice area to immigration, as this isn't really a question about divorce. You should consult with an immigration attorney. If anything, I might think that you would have to re-marry, as a marriage performed while one party is still legally married to another person would be void, so there would be no point to a divorce.

Answered 7 months ago.

I have been divorced for 5 years but their is conditions which was promised by ex spouse what do I need as far as paperwork .: I signed off on spouse pension for certain amount til my passing now he has remarried and his wife doesn't know about our agreement. I need help with what kind of paperwork is needed to make sure this is carried out.

Asked 7 months ago in Divorce

Paul’s answer: Sounds like you need a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO). See a local matrimonial attorney about getting one put in place.

Answered 7 months ago.

One joint owner of the box went in to safe deposit box after another joint owner of the box passed away: what can you do if somebody who is on the box clears out the safe deposit box after the joint owner passed away? and cleared out the box without notifying them that joint owner had passed away. i read that the box is supposed to be lock and an inventory made.
the person says that nothing but the will was in the box. what recourse does somebody have if someone does that?
in new york.

Asked 8 months ago in Probate

Paul’s answer: As a practical matter, there isn't really much recourse to be had. Unless you have some credible evidence that the box contained more than just the will.

Answered 8 months ago.